When all the lights go out by Izzy Kalichman

artwork by Gracie GralikeWhen all the lights go out

Fire will rise again

Warmth emits from small flames burning

Entertainment is created from brains

And transportation requires movement

Food comes from nature and cans

We rely on labor to provide

Awareness is reborn in people

As we wait for the sun to rise and set

Only the cognizant and responsible

Will live with little panic

Natural resources bring water

Tempers rise and fall within people and the Earth

But we will live

We will walk out of the ashes stronger

We will make it work

Even through troubles and dilemmas

Through deaths and sicknesses

We will continue on

Izzy Kalichman

Artwork by Gracie Gralike
  1. I really like this poem, it’s a very hopeful poem that tells me even though things are going bad, i know time will bring about much better situations. It reminds me of something my friends and i recite whenever we’re going through a hard time – “you need to experience bad in order to know what good feels like”

  2. Hi, thank you so much for commenting on my poem. I’m glad you enjoyed it and thought it was meaningful. Your words are much appreciated.

  3. Hi, thank you so much for commenting on my poem. It really means a lot. I’m so glad that it kind of hit home for you. Once again, thank you so much for reading my poem, it’s much appreciated.

  4. Great poem Izzy! You really chose your words wisely and has terrific flow.


  5. Thanks Jordan! I’m glad you liked it.