Forgetting by Sofiy Inck

Photograph by Merrell HattonThe grime.
And the concrete.
And the ripped posters.
And the broken benches.
And the trash.

The 2 whizzes by
marveling in its own speed and grandeur.
It sends anything into the air.
The bottom of coats.
Chip bags.
My hair.

It all floats down
and for a moment

And then the doors fly open.
Mind the gap.
Mind the stroller.
Mind the guy listening to his iPod and not paying attention.

And we are back to grime and dirt.

But for a moment,
with my hair blowing in the artificial wind.

I forgot.

Sofiy Inck

Sofiy Inck has been a Nerdfighter since 2009. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, with her family. She enjoys playing the piano, writing, and decreasing worldsuck.
Photograph by Merrell Hatton.
  1. I really like this! You captured this feeling so accurately, it was really cool to read.

  2. Nice poem! As a daily subway commuter, its moments like those when you forget the dirt, grime and occasional inconvenience of public transportation that make it all bearable. And you captured it really well!