River Water by Mannu Sharma

Photograph by Mark Muller/Dreamstime.comSlowly, slowly straight and down,

It shines like a brand new crown,

It passes from every town,

But sometimes it changes into brown.


It never stops, just flows and flows.

Thousands of flowers along it grow.

It is essential everyone knows.

It can sometimes be bad if reaches the nose.


It offers its service to everyone.

It doesn’t know father from son.

It doesn’t fear anyone,

Whether he has tank or gun.


It gives us a chance to continue our lives.

It comes into the kitchen to help the wives.

It can’t be shaped by a knife.

And it can make you strive.


Don’t you want to know what this is,

Do you think that something is still amiss

Run your mind and smooth it with grease.

It’s water, dear fellow, that can do all these.

Mannu Sharma

My name is Mannu Sharma and I am from India. I am a student of the ninth standard and I love to write poems and stories.
 Photograph by Martin Muller/Dreamstime.com
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  1. Great poem! The title interested me and I wasn’t disappointed!

  2. I’m usuallynot into rhyming poems but I really liked yours! Great job!