Carry On by Will Livingston

Yellow pants, yellow shirt, black boots, red heart.

Trapped with burning limbs that aren’t his,

He wears no cape, just a breathing apparatus,

And adrenaline levels higher than a skyscraper.

With no complaints and no questions,

He submerges himself into a pit of hate,

Facing an enemy that will never give in.

An enemy that will destroy everything.


Laser vision is overrated.

Invisibility is too

One does not need super strength or speed

To know what he needs to do

I see a world where courage is measured,

Not in muscles, chiseled faces and chins.

But with the heart in your chest,

Beneath your bones and skin.


White shirt, brown shoes, blue jeans, red heart.

He’s a victim of the times.

He joined the club three months ago

Of the seven point eight percent.

You’ll find no food in his stomach.

There hasn’t been for days.

He passed all he had

To those who went away.


Batman will always beat the bad guys.

Superman will always win.

They are so high above us,

Yet people are something to believe in.

I can be a hero, just like anyone else.

I can have courage without brawn.

In this world with everyone,

I will carry on.


Will Livingston



  1. intense and so very brave. I think I really understand

  2. Beautifully composed!

  3. I like it