Awesome Moments

Our “Awesome Moments” section is where teen writers share their experiences of connection with others and their world. We invite you to read some of the Awesome Moments from current and recent issues of KidSpirit Magazine, and to submit your Awesome Moment to us!

Thank You

by Natalie Jakiemiec

When my friends ask why I like to write, I always just shrug and say, “I don’t know. I just do.” But when I’ve tried to pinpoint why I like writing, I have found it a lot harder than I expected because I realized that there were so many things I love about it. There’s

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When the Mountains Called Me

by Gemma Laurence

At 12,749 feet up in the air, I felt victorious. My heart pounded in my ribcage. My cheeks were flushed. Bruises blossomed beneath the hip and shoulder straps of my pack, which was over half my weight. I looked down. All those boulders I’d scrambled over were pebbles. The vast snowfields were tiny patches strewn

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A Realization About the Nature of Truth

by Simone Britto

As I rode in the backseat of my cousin’s tiny yellow car through the bustling town of Panjim, India, to my uncle’s house, I gazed out the window and marveled at the different colors. It was Christmas season and every building was a different shade of bright pastel, adorned with religious artifacts, from crosses to statues

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by Matt Delavan

“Boys! Come out here! Right about now is when the sunset begins! Honey, grab the camera!” My dad yelled from his chair. We immediately stopped sword dueling on our Wii console to go outside on the balcony, where we had a perfect view of the mountains to watch the sun peek from its hiding place

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Creative Bliss

by Tanmaya Murthy

The Times of India’s Newspaper in Education (NIE) journalism internship for aspiring student writers in grades 8 to 12 transformed me as a writer when I attended this two-week internship in June 2010. I was in 9th grade and along with 36 other shortlisted students from all over Delhi, I had the opportunity to be a part of

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Kenya Calling

by Caroline Colwell

Alarmed by an unfamiliar noise, I took my eyes off the path beneath my feet just in time to see a little green bird take off in front of me. I rushed after it, my camera ready, hoping to capture its unique splendor. My eyes focused on the bird as it darted off to the

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Looking Through the Eye of London

by Rachel Narducci

I stand there, at the top of the world, and look down through the glass below me. It’s raining, of course. Typical London weather. The rain has been relentless since the day I arrived. Nevertheless, the view is still phenomenal. Big Ben stands majestically. A red double-decker bus provides a pop of color against the grey

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A Growing Transformation

by Caie Kelley

Females have long been regarded as the lesser gender in Chinese culture. In a classic Chinese work, Pan Chao writes, “Let a woman modestly yield to others… let her bear disgrace; let her endure when others speak or do evil to her.” Yet as China continues to modernize, and the influences of the Internet, Western

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Behind-the-Scene Heroes

by Ethan Wills

I guess I should start by introducing myself. My name is Ethan Wills. I am a normal kid with a really cool job. I am an actor. Currently, I work on a new television drama called “Granite Flats.” Life on set can be a challenge. Every day you are flipping back and forth from being

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Crazy Julie

by Montse Ticzon

I was a very shy child. I never talked to adults, and I did not socialize with children who weren’t my classmates. Julie slowly changed all of that. I met Julie when I was two years old. Julie, a twenty-two-year-old native of Bacolod City, Philippines traveled all the way to Metro Manila after my mom

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