Awesome Moments

Our “Awesome Moments” section is where teen writers share their experiences of connection with others and their world. We invite you to read some of the Awesome Moments from current and recent issues of KidSpirit Magazine, and to submit your Awesome Moment to us!

One Desert Night

by Lila Hazan

The hotel is a quaint place, all second-hand mattresses and sand pushed into corners. The sun-bleached peeling paint coats the walls and ceilings of the small cottages, and the half-melted tarmac road slithers through the dunes. The sky is a vast, vibrant blue that stretches from horizon to horizon, and the few clouds that bumble

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The Wonder of Magic

by Khoi Bui

Allow me to start off by asking you something: Have you ever seen a magic show? If so, I hope it was a good one, because I’d like you to remember the feeling you had while you were there — that feeling of amazement and wonder, the intrigue that built as your mind was boggled and

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On Dinner Parties and Self-Worth

by Noorjehan Asim

The moment I sat down at the dinner table, a little voice in my head began to scream. My instincts told me to run, but my body ignored them. I remained glued to the posh furniture that lined the hallway. Dining with Mr. Richard Olson, the U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan, was bound to be harrowing

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Shut Up, Legs

by Oscar Luckett

Maybe it was because I was only seven years old, but my patience level was near zero. When my dad finally came around the bend of that Montauk road, the crowd cheered. Everyone was cold and exhausted, even the spectators waiting to cheer on their own significant athlete as they whizzed past. All the built-up excitement,

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Soldier of Peace

by Nimai Agarwal

A dozen fridge-sized speakers hung from the ceiling; giant screens magnified the faces of the presenters as more than a thousand people stared expectantly at the stage. I craned my neck to see the next presenter, when a middle-aged South-African man walked up to the lectern. The event was stretching into the night, and I

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by Maria Christian

Can’t you hear the voices in the wind? That’s what I wondered while we wandered through the streets. Can’t you see their stories, the private ones they try to hide? And maybe it was an odd thing to think while gazing at tanning beach beauties, all tendon and muscle and dark patches of skin. Or

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My Island Escape

by Elizabeth Ralph

The thing about islands is that when you are on one, you are apart from the real world. It’s a way to escape from everyday life and merge into a whole different place. Bustins Island is that for me. It brings me into a world with no worries and the ability to do anything that

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Believing Is Seeing

by Jung Woo Bae

Imagine a world without sight. What do you see? Darkness? Or maybe nothing at all. The concept of seeing seems so simple, yet it is so complex to explain. I once wondered how one could have no sight and still “see,” like the blind. I knew so little about them, even considered them to be

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…?

by Sharon Lin

The wrapper sat dejected on the ground, as if lost among the foliage. Faded yellow letters, barely visible against the discolored polypropylene packaging, spelled L-a-y-s. Numerous plastic pouches confirmed how common this scene was at Central Park. Hardly anyone gave a second glance to litter on the cobblestone path. I have been volunteering with Key Club,

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The Flood of 2010

by Mustafa Khan

I was 12 years old, in July 2010, when my country was flooded by the Indus River due to turbulent monsoon rains. It was an ordeal to turn on the television every day and see the devastation. I felt impotent and useless. Though I was unharmed and sheltered at my house, watching the tragic event

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