Awesome Moments

Our “Awesome Moments” section is where teen writers share their experiences of connection with others and their world. We invite you to read some of the Awesome Moments from current and recent issues of KidSpirit Magazine, and to submit your Awesome Moment to us!

The Flood of 2010

by Mustafa Khan

I was 12 years old, in July 2010, when my country was flooded by the Indus River due to turbulent monsoon rains. It was an ordeal to turn on the television every day and see the devastation. I felt impotent and useless. Though I was unharmed and sheltered at my house, watching the tragic event

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My World

by Nusrat Angela

I have always thought “my world” is too small. Living in a crowded city in Bangladesh, I am surrounded by one “class” of people. I am rooted in a conservative society in which, from a very young age, a path is set for every child. Being different is met with disapproval; it means you have

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Speaking In Chinese

by Zoe Miller

Thirteen hours is an excessive amount of time on a plane. Long plane rides are sort of how I imagine purgatory. On China Air they provide a little map on the video screen in front of you, so you can see how far you’ve gone and how far you have to go. That helped a

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In Search of Joyce

by Muyun Zhou

Drifting down Broadway, I think of you. The philosopher Roland Barthes argued that the author is dead in his work and that the reader doesn’t need to know him. But this is not true, at least not for you. To be honest, I know my contemplation on Broadway right now is just a continuation of

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At First Impact

by Josh Seides

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”– Aesop Anxious, nervous, excited. All of these words could describe the way I felt the night before I had to teach my first class on technology. I had been up late that night, turning, tossing, sweating bullets. Would anyone think the class was helpful

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Rising Above Borders

by Ammara Mohsin

It was with much excitement over the prospect of being able to visit a different country, albeit from afar, that I visited the Indo-Pak Wagah Border in Lahore. This is the boundary dividing India and Pakistan, with the eastern half of the Wagah village in India and the western half in Pakistan. I am from Pakistan,

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My Evening with Malala Yousafzai

by Zeeshan Hassan-Andoh

“They only shot a body but they cannot shoot my dreams.” – Malala Yousafzai I have been to several 16th birthday parties for family and friends, but the most memorable was on July 12, 2013 for Malala Yousafzai. I was invited to this event because my mother, the Global Director of Equality Now, a non-profit organization involved

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by Grace Luckett

When I was asked by my choral teacher to perform in front of a director and producer for Carnegie Hall’s production of The Sound of Music, I didn’t fully grasp why I had been selected or what it would happen if I received a part. My choral instructor asked thirty kids to audition for her,

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My Safe Harbor

by Celie Johnson

The world is irrelevant. All focus is on one thing: the present; every aspect and every physical thing, feeling, or emotion that creates every second, of every hour, of every day. In this particular moment, I am on my boat Totoro, named after my favorite childhood movie. The name brings back memories of the dozens

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Rainstorms in Guatemala

by Kacey Sorenson

I love turning on the windshield wipers and driving. I love checking out of class to dance alone, and I especially love standing still and listening to it fall. At home, the rain is cold and it is hard to stay outside for five minutes without needing three extra layers. Over spring break, my family

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