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Pretend Power

by Hannah Berkowitz

The first time I noticed power was on a golf cart ride when I was in kindergarten. My father, to my frustration, told me to hold on tight to the cart’s frame, since I was riding backwards and without a seat belt. But my dad wasn’t the boss of me. He didn’t even know what

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What Lies at the Center

by Uday Schultz

  America calls itself the land of the free, a place where everyone can participate in the governing process, but in truth it has an underbelly pitted with the ulcers of corruption. Our nation’s history is peppered with these scandals large and small, yet many of them go undetected. Corruption has changed so much of

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Parochial Prayer: A Call for Students to Claim Their Power

by Yardena Gerwin

Three hundred forty-five years ago Roger Williams declared, “forced worship stinks in God’s nostrils.” Williams was a 17th-century English Protestant theologian and a proponent of religious freedom. He pioneered the separation of church and state, a crucial social innovation in 1640 that now poses a unique challenge to modern parochial schools. Schooling is mandatory for

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Simply Strangers?

by Skyler Sallick

When I arrived at boarding school on the first day of freshman year, I knew virtually no one, or so I thought. As I walked around during orientation, the faces of some strangers had an unexpected familiarity about them. It took me a while to pinpoint why I felt I already knew some of these

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Relative Strangers

by William Lohier

My childhood has been surrounded by stories, whose casts and settings are as real and fantastical as any fairytale. Masterfully orchestrated, these stories have been brought to life by the people that have survived decades to tell them, people I love dearly but will never truly understand — my grandparents. A South Korean surgeon trapped

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i am Other

by Misbah Awan

I stare at the carpeted floor, sitting at the top of my bed with my knees touching my chin. I sit here for 45 minutes, probably more, thinking about the question bouncing around in my head: Why does everyone seem to be stapled to one identity and I’m in a state of ambivalence? Cool air

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Settled Science: The Case and Solutions for Anthropogenic Climate Change

by Opal Tang and Caroline Hochman

2014 was the hottest year on record globally. Even more surprisingly, 2014 was a record year for climate and general environmental policy. In June, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed the Clean Power Plan, the first-ever governmental regulation of carbon emissions. In November, the United States and China adopted a set of guidelines to reduce

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Can Policy Protect Our Planet?

by Zeeshan Hassan-Andoh and Uday Schultz

Global warming poses a major threat to the environment and the development of countries worldwide. In the past few decades, scientists have established that the world is heating up at a tremendous rate. The vast majority of them say the primary cause of global warming is the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases

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Pioneers for the Environment

by Grace Luckett with Vanita Sharma and Gertie-Pearl Zwick-Schachter

Read Grace Luckett’s overview of some of the leaders of this movement, then scroll down to learn about several organizations, profiled by Vanita Sharma and Gertie-Pearl Zwick-Schachter, that are working to protect our environment. Climate change is a complicated chain reaction of human greed and advancement, which will spiral into the destruction of our home

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Our Warming Climate

by Global Youth Voices

In the 11th century, there once lived a shepherd named Hari. He lived a happy life with his wife and two children in Kashi, India. Every day he took his sheep to graze. The climate of the 11th century was very nice. Flowers blossomed during spring; there were pleasant rains and energizing sunlight in summers.

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