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Dreams of Humanity

by Zach Kligler

It happens to all of us. Each night, when we close our eyes to sleep, something incredible happens. We soar through other worlds, perform miracles, and live lives we never could have consciously imagined. It is therefore understandable that when we wake, it can be difficult to shake the sense of a dream’s importance. Throughout

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Who We Become

by Caroline Colwell

It was freshman year. I sat at lunch wearing a yellow Oxford button-up and loafers. Suddenly, the girl to my right interjected. “Why are all the girls here so preppy?” I was confused, but she continued. “Hi! I’m Sarah. I just moved from Oakland this year.” She wore black combat boots, black jeans, a chunky

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This is Mostly True

by Zoe Miller

Once I left a flower in front of the statue in a garden beside my family’s rented apartment. I had climbed over the fence to water the spinach and radishes I had planted; there was only one key and I would consistently forget to ask for my own. It was just a normal statue, a

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The Truths Behind Modern Technology

by Akash Mehta

One afternoon, two summers ago on a crowded bus in England, I noticed that my pocket felt lighter than normal. Immediately I realized what was missing: my iPhone. I frantically checked my other pockets and my bag, then pushed to the front of the bus. I asked the driver to let me out and bolted

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The Age of Discovery

by Katie Reis

In high school, most everyone walks around trying to be someone they are not. They dress like their friends, act like their friends, play sports and music, dance, act, compare grades, and trade gossip. This by no means encompasses how all high school students act, but most want to find a place where they can

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Discovering the Aesthetics of Suzhou and Architect I. M. Pei

by Anya Dunaif

KidSpirit Editor, Anya Dunaif, reflects on a summer in China and her encounter with the work of a modern architect in an ancient city. Before traveling to Suzhou, a city in Jiangsu Province just to the west of Shanghai, I knew little about it, except for a Chinese saying that I had been taught in

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The Flaws of Frail: How Media Has Altered Body Image

by Sharon Lin

  As the winter season rapidly approaches, the fashion industry prepares to unveil their newest trends. Fashion catwalks erupt around the holidays, while adoring fans of Victoria’s Secret, Bloomingdale’s, and Vogue tune into their televisions to scrutinize the latest styles. Super skinny models take the runway, showing off skimpy outfits and outrageous costumes to an

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Awe, Nature, and Fear: The Sublime Then and Now

by Eleanor Goetz

If you have ever stood at the edge of a large waterfall or tried to understand the size and workings of the universe, you are most likely feeling an emotion that artists of the sublime attempt to elicit from the viewer. The sublime can be described as a feeling inspired by nature or by a

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Masculinity on Television: The New Evolving Hero

by Sidarth Jayadev

Masculinity in TV shows is very often depicted by the perfect male character who exudes confidence around his peers, is able to take control of his life, is a charming gentleman to female characters, is an intelligent, street-smart person, and has an honest heart. Yet these characteristics are never perfectly in agreement with real-life characteristics

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Pink vs. Blue: Are Childhood Toy Preferences Innate?

by Rachel Narducci

While there are undeniable differences between males and females, many are due to the societal expectations of men and women. From a young age, children are programmed to exhibit gender-appropriate behavior, often beginning with the colors their parents choose for them to wear, and the toys they are encouraged to play with. However, even in

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