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We invite you to delve into these PerSpectives, a concluding note on the theme of each magazine issue written by a spiritual elder.

A PerSpective on Climate Change

by Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben is an author and environmentalist. His 1989 book, The End of Nature, is regarded as the first book for a general audience about climate change and has appeared in 24 languages. He is founder of, the first planet-wide, grassroots, climate change movement. McKibben is a Schumann Distinguished Scholar in Environmental Studies at

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Mother Tongues

by Gary Eberle

Human beings come into the world hard-wired to speak any human language. Each of us, at birth, is cap-able of making any sound humans can make, and any baby can potentially under-stand any human tongue. As we grow we learn a particular language — our “mother tongue” — and our ability to learn other languages

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The Mystery Is Out There

by Dr. Marcelo Gleiser

Here is a question you don’t think about everyday: where did the stuff you’re made of come from? We know we are made of cells, and cells are made of molecules, and molecules are made of different atoms. But where do the atoms come from? The ground? Food? Well, food is also made of living

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The Navel: Symbol or State of Mind?

by Paulo Coelho

Many languages of the world have the same expression to define a person centered only on the self: “navel-gazing.” Why? First, I looked up a definition, where navels are described in a very limited manner: a scar resulting from the natural dropping of the umbilical cord. Generally, in humans it has a round and deep

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Brainstorm: Understand Your Brain and Empower Yourself

by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.

If you are like me when I was an adolescent, you may realize that some pretty big things have changed in your life. For example, when I was eight years old, I remember thinking about how simple everything was — enjoying a bike ride around the block, having time with a friend, or just watching

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There Is No Password

by Rabbi Rami Shapiro

“There is no password.” That was the announcement Reverend Margaret made at a retreat I led last November. She was talking about the Internet, explaining that access to the Internet was free and no password was required. As soon as she spoke these words, however, I knew she could have been talking about Truth as

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Beauty and the Unseen: Experiencing Our Spiritual Nature Through Music

by Frank Fitzpatrick

“I still believe in the things I can’t see…I believe in the things I can feel: Music, Love, and God.” – Lina Loy The most prominent sense upon which we rely to experience the world around us is sight. For the most part, it is also through vision that we frame our modern concept of

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Who Are You Really? Boy or Girl or … Spirit?

by Dr. Elizabeth Debold

I want you to use your imagination for a minute. Think about the perfect teen girl. Now, of course, no one is perfect. But just hang in there with me — what image or ideal comes to your mind? A photo from a magazine? A celebrity? Someone you know from school? A friend? Or just

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Why We Need Heroes

by Caroline Myss

In an ideal world, children are loved and nurtured by their parents. Parents are responsible for teaching their children moral codes, right behavior, respect, discipline, and all the other basic life skills essential to the early years of life. Yet, while we are learning these fundamental lessons from our parents and teachers, another skill is

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More Than Spirituality

by Samir Selmanovic

I grew up in a not-so-religious Muslim family, in an atheist country in the former Yugoslavia. In terms of history, stories, and religion, the Balkans were flammable. So, when at 17 I became a Christian, all hell broke loose. My devastated parents recruited one of Europe’s best psychiatrists and 50 relatives to take their best

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