We invite you to read some of these poems featured in current and recent issues of KidSpirit Magazine and welcome online poetry submissions from teen writers and readers around the world.


by Casey Robins

She’s an ostrich. She has a long neck so she can see behind big heads. She has a long beak so she can pick at her food when no one’s looking. She has beady eyes so she’ll never break her stare. She has long legs so she can outrun her predator. Her heart is a

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Dangling, Dirty Shoes

by Emily Chaflin

A lonely pair of shoes dangle quietly From the telephone wires in the neighborhood. As I walk below them, I begin to wonder. I imagine a little boy wandering around the streets, With tousled dark brown hair and dirty knees, Barefoot, cold, and all alone just like his shoes. Maybe he threw the dark blue

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A Season of Blossom

by Yashashree Ghatge

Spring, a season When I want a reason To blossom with the trees In a gentle breeze With dancing flowers. Pretty water droplets on a rose Fills the mind with hope The encouraging morning scene Makes the whole day green With great joy and happiness. Yashashree Ghatge  

My Stranger

by Liam Shields

Hours and days pass with each consecutive minute. What was once a year becomes something less than a daydream. Nothing has been the same since we locked eyes that fateful day. My entire world became bleak and dull. You drowned all the colors that once made me whole. Nothing more than a simple gray like

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A Color of Our Own

by Fatema Karimi

We were like clockwork. A twist from both ends A slight movement to the right and perfect. Our minds synchronized, our tempers low. Our lives in a mixture of fire and earth Our minds speaking languages only we knew Our taste in the music of life so clear Much like bubbling water. Our rooms filled

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Me and Me

by Willa DuBois

i’m a pretty energetic person i’ve asked if i can stand on a chair and sing happy birthday in public, I’m kinda all over the place a little bit of willa, just off center of the room laughing at a dare i gave myself a little willa talking to you neatly placed sarcasm filling the

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Strange Experience

by Will Hodgkinson

Sitting, bowed diffidently, in the seat of an idling car. Leaning against the shadowed wall, looking out at the brazen clamor of a dance. Imprisoned, motionless, seized by the onyx manacles of worry. A ceaselessly unfurling newsreel of ‘What If’s The chill insidious venom of black anxiety suffuses your mind But then, in its recesses,

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God’s Country

by Cecelia Fox

Every morning the sun rises from the east and sets in the west. Every night the sky is filled with a billion tiny lights. Even the moonlight shines atop the gleaming lakes. The lakes are surrounded by land (of course), but with tall hills. The hills have eyes I like to say. They are full

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Be Aware and Beware

by Mansi Jhunjhunwala

Thanks to all, Soon there’ll be no ice on the big ball. North Pole will be home to a lake, Before that, please do awaken. Global Warming has increased because of you, Ice caps remain, but there are few. Rising constantly is the sea level It has risen four inches to seven. In a decade

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The Mother Guide

by Jash Kalyani

Dedicated to my mother, Jimi Kalyani In a problem wide, with mother by his side, He asked for a solution, an answer or swift conclusion The mother said: Son, the problem is yours; solve it on your own, Remember there is always a stepping stone! A new day is a puzzle, a riddle to solve;

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