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Tie My Hands and Pray

by Rachel Romaine

So yet another wave Crashes down upon my stone heart, Filling in the keyhole Made for the hand of God.   In this sea of flame, The sun is no longer visible For the iridescent lights Drown it away. Though the moon is bright and cold, It’s too small for me to see. I am

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Where I’m From

by Vanita Sharma

I am from brown-coated tennis shoes, From sweat-filled Federer caps. I am from hot, spicy traditional food, From fried eggs and Friday night Pizza. I am from jogging to bustops, From tardiness every few days. I am from the aroma of fresh baked cookies, That I can smell everyday. I am from the fresh Hackensack

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Perfume Bottles

by Fareeha Shah

Your father died today. You smile and act normal. Your mother weeps gently into a crumbling tissue in the corner of a large room draped in white sheets. You meet the people that have come to give their condolences, kissing them on both cheeks just like the French do.  You say, yes, I’m fine. Thank

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Rift into Childhood

by Gracie Griffin

Alone Outside in the fresh, cold air A swing sways Dancing a slow, sad waltz In the orchestral moan of the wind The violin bows of the tree Sweep down Sending the simple wooden board Into a spin No child to weigh it down No laughter to block out the sough No playmate for when

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When the Sun

by Charlotte Rauner

There was a day when the sun forgot to rise, and confusion was creeping. The people didn’t go to their lives, and stayed home instead, watching   the sky. Alarms were shut off the glow of the time creating a mist. The dark was in every room   feeling crisp and slightly cool as the

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by Vanita Sharma

The smile on her face, his cheerful attitude, the cool look while strolling. The echo of her laugh, shimmering eyes dancing, slightly humorous gestures. His saunter, her contented look, the excited buzz of conversation: is he sincere? Behind a glowing mask, a slab of blackness, a layer of emotion exposing true feelings. Tears brim in

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High School

by Darius Wright

I jumped in my father’s car He did not drive very far To the place I would learn That everyone’s concern Is not in the school But who is the bigger fool   Darius Wright

True… Or Not?

by Swastika Jajoo

What a perplexing paradox, This nature of truth- Evolving strangely with time.   Do the truths of yesterday Hold true today? And will what is true today Be equally true tomorrow?   The answers lie entwined Amidst broken branches Of meaning and purpose, In unexplored chambers Of the fragmented conscience.   How it pains me-

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The Playground in Winter

by Maria Christian

Dear Maria, I wish we could go back to the times when we were young, You didn’t know what war was, really– I knew but didn’t care. Sadness was a far-off thing; Life was joyous, a constant song And the beauty of winter wasn’t lost, because we were alone. There was no desperate cry for

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by Will Hodgkinson

The moment comes: the bulging grey clouds release their load down on the earth below.   The air fills with white snowflakes parachuting down to the ground draping towns with a thick white blanket   Shipwrecking cars in towering drifts   To those outside in the raging storm, the glacial air, the blizzard is a

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