We invite you to read some of these poems featured in current and recent issues of KidSpirit Magazine and welcome online poetry submissions from teen writers and readers around the world.


by Victoria Rathernottell

Blue is vastness The sea drooling Waves crashing against rocks My mirrored image staring at me From moonlit ocean tides Blue is hope, rejuvenation Owls screeching, snow melting Trees sprouting in the plain Sparrows painting twilight Stars flourishing; the moon chanting Someone falling into the sky Blue is peace Deer skipping through pools of diamonds

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Here Comes Winter

by Angela Nguyen

Sometimes, Winter is an old man, hobbling along slowly, spreading only a thin layer of snowy powder, like dandruff, from the tip of his knobbly cane to the cracked pavement. Old Man Winter, his tenuous grasp on the season breaks easily with the swift and spritely step of Spring. Other times, Winter is a young

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by Jash Kalyani

A riddle of a kind, This is a strong bind Leaves all selfish aims behind, The one you can only in a thousand find. A bond which is powerful and fine, The one without paperwork and sign Where mankind is in one line, Holding hands together in a divine shrine. A joy which is never

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Sowing Hope

by Tanmaya Murthy

I clasped a scintillating seedling And vowed to sow it with motive. Its growth to be a transcendent one, And bring with it a change, A change so profound and serene; Capable of spawning a portrait Of irrevocable, unconditional love With strokes of perfection and Shades of sanctity and brotherhood. The emerald greens, a perfect

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The Word

by Swastika Jajoo

Words and winter share a bond borne of snow and whispers of faith from mountains to birds to trees to men because winter is when hearts are frozen, palms frostbitten, spirits burnt to ice amidst the onset of turmoil – and words breathe life into deadened tree logs buried under the weight of the world.

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Sounds of Silence

by Sunwrita Dastidar

She had never known Silence could be so loud. As she saw people in long cloaks Talking and working, hurried and busy The scene of a commotion And yet, she could hear nothing An oppressing stillness blanketed everything Suffocating, gasping for breath The world dwindled in darkness And a silence so loud, it could turn

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First Snow

by Liza Makarova

White like linen, pure Untouched Snow lays on the ground It’s beautiful and treasured First snows come and go Every year. But what about the first snow The first snow ever? A young infant, so pure Innocent Goes out to explore The wonder that is snow She touches it She laughs, It’s cold and soft

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Biking Up a Hill

by Victoria Rathernottell

Pumping, pumping, pumping Legs aching, muscles bursting Panting, panting, panting Wind whisking past my face Gasping, gasping, gasping For a precious breathe of air Flying, flying, flying Down a twisting maze Enjoying freedom’s flight Peddling, peddling, peddling Onto victory ground Victoria Rathernottell

It Ended at Wounded Knee

by Will Hodgkinson

It all ended that bitter December day at Wounded Knee, where the wind perpetually blew across the great frozen expanse of prairie, barren and remorseless. Eddies of snow propelled by the frigid current. The sky, a savage blue, arcs high above, the sun’s glare merciless. The camp lies huddled, cowering against the scouring gale. The

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Pure Love

by Gertie Zwick-Schachter

She is more than a dog She is the world to me, the one who is allowed To sleep beside me — she Who’s wet nose is forever a favorite memory Who listens intimately to all I say The sweet murmur of Her whine, the contented Sigh that makes my own Heart beat fast If

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