We invite you to read some of these poems featured in current and recent issues of KidSpirit Magazine and welcome online poetry submissions from teen writers and readers around the world.


by Zoe Siegel

Jotting down my life in an unknown language, Understanding it is not always what it seems, Doing what I believe is right, following my heart, Admitting I’m in my own world, where no one can point a judging finger at me. I honor my family and ancestors through my unspoken words and sacred actions, Smiling

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by Casey Robins

She was a name. A single compilation from 26 letters into a single meaning, a single girl. She was a name that survived on the tip of her pen in the loose pages of her triple-ringed journal. The word was her identity. She was a name at the beginning of a sentence. Choked from the

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Forgetting Me

by Anushka Canfield

I have forgotten. Forgotten the best part of me. Inside I can feel it, but I can neither see nor hear what life before me was. What did I do when I was young? What did I smell? Why can’t I remember the first four years of my tiny life? Unknown shapes and dull colors

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I Am From

by Nathan Zhang

I am from packed suitcases, the roaring sound of jet turbines, The cabin crew’s announcements that I’ve heard a thousand times. I am from Harris Teeter and food-tastings at Sam’s Club, The stubborn memories of shopping on Sundays that still remain. I am from that little Panera Bread, with broccoli and cheese soup in a

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Snow Gems

by Victoria Krylova

Delicacy of snowflakes In the windows traced Seize the cold embrace Of winter’s lace Banner of white Fragile delight; a scurrying sight Pondering their plight Halo bright; frostbite flight In the fading light Of the icy night Victoria Krylova  

Ever Deeper: A Poem for My Grandfather

by Will Hodgkinson

A shimmering pool of knowledge; Scintillating wisdom — foraged from 85 fecund years From pasting together the fragile balsa strips of model planes From meandering down the sinuous lanes of Europe From the august ivy-mantled buildings of Georgetown From distant tarmac of remote British outposts To years of tenacious political wrangling Fighting with the obstinance

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She Smiled

by Eliza Moore

The girl felt the power Course through her fingertips. It sent earthquakes Up and down her spine, And crashed In cacophonies of sound That scorched her ears. She could do it. She could change everything. She watched him make his way Down the hall, Colors parting for him, So that he left a trail Of

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by Melita S. Michael

The shores of wisdom touched the seas of power Oh! What a beautiful sight. I set sail on my boat; Humility was its name. My future I knew was bright. I learned the art of courage And with it I fished strength. Everything I felt was delight. Years and years I sailed Day by day

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Chains of Time

by Mason Labbe

Time controls our actions. We try to break our chains But they grow stronger every second. Freedom from our chains will come at a price. Some will pay it. Others will live with it. Break the chains of life. Break the chains and be free. Mason Labbe

Old Timer

by Casey Robins

Venerable oak tree counts its leaves, watches them fall. An old-timer keen on reminiscing calls. How long till the season of fall? Casey Robins