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Hello Parents and Youth Workers

KidSpirit Online is a free teen magazine & website for kids created by and for young people which is dedicated to fostering inner development and meaningful inter-generational conversations in a non-affiliated and inclusive forum.

KidSpirit provides specially created teaching resources and discussion guides for parents, teachers and youth workers, including:

How to get your kids more involved in discussions
A safe internet publishing and online community for kids
Get your students  writing, poetry and artwork published!
Feed your own spirit
Support an award-winning spiritual development community for teens

Welcome to the first magazine about life’s big questions generated by and for 11- to 17-year-olds. KidSpirit Online is both an award-winning magazine and a moderated community center for young teens. Our mission is firmly rooted in the idea that we live in a pluralistic world in which the need for inclusive dialogue is urgent. While our primary goal is to nurture dialogue with youth, we know that connecting with teachers, parents and community leaders is critical in getting the word out. We want our adult visitors at KidSpirit Online to be included in the important process of building a vibrant outlet for teens.

How to get your kids more involved in discussions

Many parents and youth leaders we talk to are eager to find new ways to encourage good communication with teens. They want to facilitate more meaningful discussions and create the conditions for kids to explore questions of meaning. While at its core KidSpirit belongs to the kids who create it, the magazine is also meant to stimulate meaningful inter-generational conversations.

Especially created for teachers and youth leaders, our free KidSpirit discussion guides touch on some of the most pertinent and difficult ethical, philosophical, and spiritual questions discussed in each quarterly theme of the magazine. Our discussion guides can be the beginning of exciting group discussions.

A safe online community for kids

We are committed to making KidSpirit Online a safe environment where kids flourish. Young visitors can discuss articles with one another, create dynamic groups and forums on topics of interest, and notify each other about volunteer opportunities. Our members over 13 can express their spirit with a personal profile. In order to familiarize yourself with the high standards of safety in our online community, please take a few moments to read our Guidelines and Privacy Policy. Always feel free to contact us with any questions or comments at

Get your students published!

Many of you can imagine the excitement of being published in an award-winning magazine. For those who would like to engage a group of students in reading and writing for KidSpirit, please e-mail us to find out more about collaborating with the KidSpirit Editorial Board. Our goal is to engage as many kids as possible in the process of sharing and growing in a community with their peers around the globe. As youth leaders and parents, you can facilitate the development of the young adolescents you know by encouraging them to submit their work to KidSpirit Magazine and become members of KidSpirit Online. You are our partners in this process and we look forward to hearing from you!


Feed your own spirit

Believe it or not, many of KidSpirit’s readers are adults — adults who find themselves enriched by its content. Parents may feel drawn to the authentic and inspiring content on its own terms. Each quarterly theme contains a rich variety of articles and no shortage of thought-provoking topics to talk over with your kids.

In addition to the many articles and creative contributions from kids, each of our issues features an article by an adult who is a leading authority in our theme. Our PerSpectives articles feature some of the country’s foremost writers and thinkers on ethical and spiritual questions. Go to the KidSpirit PerSpectives page to read the essays by all of our adult authors. Share the articles with the kids in your life, or quietly enjoy them yourselves — we won’t tell!

Support an award-winning organization for teens

KidSpirit is a small 501(c)3 non-profit organization, part of whose mission is to offer an ad-free alternative to mass-marketed magazines for kids in our fast-paced consumer-driven culture. Experts who care about youth development and high quality magazines have singled out KidSpirit for outstanding quality and content. Since participation in KidSpirit is free, we depend on financial support from our community. There are many ways you can help us. Please:

  • Go to our store and order KidSpirit gifts for KidSpirit fans you know. Every purchase brings a donation to our efforts and spreads the word about KidSpirit as well. Complete sets of our print issues make great gifts, as do T-shirts, water bottles, and a host of other products that have our beautiful logo.
  • Support KidSpirit with a tax deductible donation.
  • Send us your funding ideas and share any thoughts you have about broadening our reach.
  • Encourage the kids you know to become members. Each new member creates a ripple effect and makes our online community center more vital.

Thank you for supporting KidSpirit and participating in our community!

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