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Meet the KidSpirit Editorial Board!

Editorial Board
Zeeshan Andoh
Misbah Awan
Anya Dunaif
Eleanor Goetz
Caroline Hochman
Khalid Husain
Sofiy Inck
Zachary Kligler
Sharon Lin
William Lohier
Grace Luckett
Naomi Chasek-MacFoy
Akash Mehta
Zoe Miller
Rachel Narducci
Katie Reis
Uday Schultz
Vanita Sharma

Contributing Editor
Liam Shields

California Satellite Editorial Board
Communications Liaison: Caie Kelley
Simone Britto
Caroline Colwell
Kacey Sorenson

India Satellite Editorial Board
Communications Liaisons: Tanmaya Murthy
Niti Hemant Majethia 
Swastika Harsh Jajoo
Sanya Kochhar
Monil Shah
Isha Sikdar
Pujan Dedia

Maryland Satellite Editorial Board
Adult Liaison: Yasmin Mesiya
Communications Liaison: Nimai Agarwal
Umar Baig
Zoe Buki
Jennifer Gates
Rachel Main
Melynn Oliver
Jacob Sanford
Katrina Taylor
Noah Totsline

New Jersey Satellite Editorial Board
Communications Liaison: Shikha Vinodanandan 
Shravya Jasti
Patricia Luk
Christina Wang

Pakistan Satellite Editorial Board
Adult Liaison: Shanzae Asif
Communications Liaison: Ammara Mohsin
Marium Abid
Ammarah Imran
Fareeha Shah

Texas Satellite Editorial Board
Communications Liaison: Amy Liu
Alyssa Chen
Claire Crofford
Alex Gerrese
Christine Ramjee
David Wiegn





Founding Editor and Publisher
Elizabeth Dabney Hochman

Marika Josephson

Assistant Editor
Kristi Goldade

Magazine Design
Linda Zerella

Web Design
Mixit Productions

Daisy Cohen
Muyun Zhou

Board of Directors
The Honorable Carla Craig
Lewis M. Dabney, MS
Elizabeth Dabney Hochman, MM
Jon Hochman, Esq.
Ann Hughes
Karen Humphries Sallick
Rabbi Joshua Stanton
Jane Quinn, MA
Janice Roddenbery, PhD


We are very grateful to have the support of many friends, whose generosity make KidSpirit a growing outlet for our readers and contributors worldwide. Our heartfelt thanks to:

Foundation Support
Collegiate Church Corporation
Robert Bowne Foundation

Matching Grant
Carla E. Craig and Stuart Freedman

Lewis and Sarah Dabney
Elizabeth Dabney Hochman and Jonathan Hochman

Lisa Cohen and Win Thin
Kim and Alan Hartman Foundation of the New York Community Trust
Steven Schindler and Susan Kath
Liz and Matt Luckett
Westina Matthews
Joe Murphy
Janice and Tom Roddenbery
Lucy Ross

Jon and Laura Bloomberg
Paula Deitz Morgan
Andy and Robin Hafitz
Tom Inck and Wendy Blattner
Carl Josephson
Laurie Lowrance
Barbara and Ernie Oskin
Jon and Bea Plasse
Jane and Terry Quinn
Eliza and Jim Rossman
Karen Humphries Sallick

Amy Aronson and Michael Kimmel
Brett and Bob Averitt
Fred and Sue Bremer
JoAnn Navickas and Alan Brudner
Cindy and Jonathan Calder
Lewis Dabney and Chiara Monticelli Dabney
Gwen and Tony Dunaif
Friedman Family Foundation
Elan and Carol Gerstmann
Richard and Joanne Hochman
Ariel and Walter Miller
Mixit Productions
Beth and Scott Zucker

Charlotte Agell
Gary Alexion and Maureen Healy
Carollynn Bartosh
Benjamin and Susan Baxt
Peter Benson and Carolyn Munson-Benson
Sylvia Berg
Ross and Charlotte Dabney
Diana and Jim Deutsch
Rebecca Fine
Adele Griffin Watson
Mariko Hirakawa
Michele Hochman
Sarah Laurence
Cathleen and Sanford Leff
Shoori and Fazlollah Loghmanee
Karen Loew and Brian Browdie
Edna Navickas
Amelia Hill-Oliva
Sylvia Peterson
Elise Pettus and Dan Algrant
Barbara Rifkind
Linda Robbins and Stefan Prosenickov
Stephen Sagarin and Janis Martinson Sagarin
Sarah Sayeed
Jane Selzer and Marc Johnson
Elizabeth Snow Stong
Susan and Neil Whoriskey
Sunita Viswanath and Stephan Shaw
Diane Woodle
Lisa Young

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  1. I am soon traveling to Kathmandu, Nepal to work in several schools in the Latipur District of Patan. How can I facilitate teachers in Nepal to have their students submit work to your great magazine. I recently met one of your staff and she gave the Kids Spirit card, but cannot find her card! I leave October 23 and will be in Nepal 2 months.

    Dr. Loren Weybright
    Professor of Education (Retired)
    International Education Development Consultant