A Message to Youth

by Dr. Wade Davis

Let me tell you a story that begins on a ridge in Borneo, close to dusk, with thunder over the valley and the forest alive with the electrifying roar of black cicadas. I was sitting by a fire with an old friend, Asik Nyelit, headman of the Ubong River Penan, one of the last nomadic

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A Review of A Time to Dance

by Ammarah Imran

When she was a child, a priest taught Veda to “feel Shiva’s feet moving” inside her chest, as her heartbeat. He asked her, “Can you feel Shiva’s feet moving inside you?” Inside, Veda felt the rhythms. Outside, she felt Shiva gleaming in the temple. Author Padma Venkatraman uses philosophical and spiritual narratives in A Time to Dance

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Home Sweet Home

by Zoe Olson

When I was younger, my family lived in a house with a giant two-and-a-half-acre lawn that was mostly trees and a creek trickling through the backyard. Being homeschooled, I had a lot of time on my hands; I would have gone crazy with boredom if it hadn’t been for that backyard. The forest was at

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Color in Art and Life

by Eleanor Goetz

As a young child I remember scraping my knee while riding my bike. I made a sharp turn and fell onto the hot, black pavement. In that moment, I could not breathe. The bright red of blood caught my eye and I began to cry, even though it did not hurt that much. The color

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Believing in Da Vinci’s Code

by Rachael Wang

The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown is a fantastic mystery-thriller. It is a reflection on the darkness of human nature, depicting lies and betrayals, political power struggles, selfish actions fueled by pride and fear, and murder. But it is also a reflection on joy. Throughout the novel, the values of trust, family, and loyalty are strongly

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A Review of Cave of Forgotten Dreams

by William Lohier

One beautiful Friday afternoon while my brother was practicing violin with my mom, and the radio was blasting NPR, I sat myself down with a box of cookies and a Do-Not-Disturb sign on the door and prepared to watch Cave of Forgotten Dreams, directed and narrated by Werner Herzog, and produced by Eric Nelson and Adrienne

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Looking Through the Eye of London

by Rachel Narducci

I stand there, at the top of the world, and look down through the glass below me. It’s raining, of course. Typical London weather. The rain has been relentless since the day I arrived. Nevertheless, the view is still phenomenal. Big Ben stands majestically. A red double-decker bus provides a pop of color against the grey

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Goof Corner

Sam Miller

What is the Essence of Beauty?

by Nimai Agarwal

Humans have always searched for the elusive epitome of beauty. It has evolved over time, and continues to express itself in new forms. There are many kinds of beauty, and many aspects. There is beauty for the eyes, the ears, the tongue… but all these forms of beauty are unified by one thing which never

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Ugly: A Review

by Akash Mehta

Ugliness is a fascinating concept. For me, there’s one question that pops into my mind when I think about it: what makes us view a certain object as ugly? Perhaps it’s something to do with our evolutionary instincts; animal and human waste, for example, is generally ugly, both visually and in odor. Could this be

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