Snow Gems

by Victoria Krylova

Delicacy of snowflakes In the windows traced Seize the cold embrace Of winter’s lace Banner of white Fragile delight; a scurrying sight Pondering their plight Halo bright; frostbite flight In the fading light Of the icy night Victoria Krylova  


by Victoria Krylova

Fuming, bleeding, running The edge of the world Is red on fire A golden sphere Sinks beneath the earth Dragging the clouds And the sky down with it Strip of purple The sky fighting Against the sun Melting away Beyond a twisting canyon Sunset Victoria Krylova

A Season of Blossom

by Yashashree Ghatge

Spring, a season When I want a reason To blossom with the trees In a gentle breeze With dancing flowers. Pretty water droplets on a rose Fills the mind with hope The encouraging morning scene Makes the whole day green With great joy and happiness. Yashashree Ghatge  

Home Sweet Home

by Zoe Olson

When I was younger, my family lived in a house with a giant two-and-a-half-acre lawn that was mostly trees and a creek trickling through the backyard. Being homeschooled, I had a lot of time on my hands; I would have gone crazy with boredom if it hadn’t been for that backyard. The forest was at

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Sing No More

by Emily Chaflin

Silence is the quietest thing. Not a whistle or note, Frail dark blue wings still, Small head gently at rest, Cold eyes closed. They ask why the caged bird sings. The answer is the caged bird sings because it can sing. The caged bird sings For the day it will be free, Free from this

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Life’s Quintessence

by Tanmaya Murthy

A sumptuous delicacy, sour and sweet Bitter at times, but a feisty feast A subtle symphony of righteousness and goodwill Mellow melody that comes along, a dream to fulfill Elegant as a lyrical pirouette, poetic as a virtuous verse A fable of morality and peace, a literary ocean to immerse Oneself, where the azure waters

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From the Editor

Beauty is most often associated with our sense of sight. But as this issue’s PerSpectives contributor musician Frank Fitzpatrick so aptly writes, “Those qualities we aspire to most – love, faith, sense of purpose and spiritual connection – exist in the realm of the Unseen.” In our Beauty and the Senses issue, KidSpirit contributors venture

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Jewels of India

by Niti Majethia

I was born and raised in Mumbai, India, a country full of different traditions and values. India has a caste system with different classes in Hindu society: Gujratis, Kutchis, South Indians, Punjabis, and many more. Since each caste believes in a different god, India is adorned with many different beautiful temples. Each caste has its own

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Living in a Chemical World

by Grace Luckett

Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry by Stacy Malkan is a non-fiction book dedicated to exposing the chemicals used in beauty products and other chemically-based products. The author is the co-founder of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, which tries to convince big cosmetic corporations to become more health and

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Creative Bliss

by Tanmaya Murthy

The Times of India’s Newspaper in Education (NIE) journalism internship for aspiring student writers in grades 8 to 12 transformed me as a writer when I attended this two-week internship in June 2010. I was in 9th grade and along with 36 other shortlisted students from all over Delhi, I had the opportunity to be a part of

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