The Big Apple Is a Poem Itself

by Niti Majethia

Coldness had tiptoed into New York City as the winter bird had begun weaving its nest. It let out chirps in the air and I swallowed them in, my tummy tumbling. I walked through the neighborhood of New York University, my heart bustling, just like the city. It was November 11th, 2012, and of course,

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Why You Cannot Schedule a Daydream

by Jay Griffiths

Huckleberry Finn complains about the clockworked Widow Douglas: “The widder eats by a bell; she goes to bed by a bell; she gits up by a bell – everything’s so awful reg’lar a body can’t stand it… I can’t stand it. It’s awful to be tied up so.” The Algonquin saw something similar. When missionaries

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The Future Belongs to the Dreamers

by Nikhil Goyal

  As a society we think of success in terms of trophies and ribbons, high test grades, and acceptances to remarkable universities. It is also narrowly defined — do well in school, go on to a great university, graduate, matriculate into graduate school, graduate, get a great job, and somehow everything will fall into place.

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Notes From a Tiger Daughter

by Caie Kelley

“FWD: Read this, story of our lives?” Several months ago, my cousin emailed me a Wall Street Journal article entitled, “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior.” Intrigued, I clicked the link, and read a pre-publication of Yale law professor Amy Chua’s book Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mother, which chronicled her parenting techniques. Her ideas were

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Why Am I Sew Happy?

by Naomi Chasek-MacFoy

I stood, poised at my machine, my implement, my weapon, with my foot resting gently on the peddle, laying dormant for that one moment, but still quite ready to strike. I toyed with the idea of slamming my foot down hard, as hard as I could, gunning the engine of this sewing machine, and racing

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Limits to the Imagination

From the Editor

In this issue’s Big Question, writer Allie McIntosh muses that years ago the meadow where she is penning her article “held the most spectacular inspiration.” Now, she wonders, “Where are the words and the colors that used to dance around my head in a flurry of excitement and wonder?” What is the imagination? What is

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by Pie Rasor

Inspired by the Penderwicks at Point Mouette: I fear I have writer’s Great Wall of China. It circles the busy, bustling town of novels and fiction. It has trapped the hills that surround the small hamlet of poetry. Only good words are not caught. Pie Rasor

Deaf, Blind, and Different

by Lucia O'Corozine

I’ve been pushed into a slot For tying my hair a different way For having other things to say Things I don’t want to hear I don’t They think I should look at what they look at I glimpse something else around the corner Success is all they see Their neat and tidy boxes, with

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A Review of Inception: The Obscurity of Dreaming

by Madi Friedman

Inception is a sci-fi, action, drama, thriller, suspense, fantasy, and mystery all in one. It is about a man, Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), who possesses the power to enter other people’s dreams. He and his team are sent on a mission to implant an idea into someone’s mind. This assignment, if it is successful, is

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