A Realization About the Nature of Truth

by Simone Britto

As I rode in the backseat of my cousin’s tiny yellow car through the bustling town of Panjim, India, to my uncle’s house, I gazed out the window and marveled at the different colors. It was Christmas season and every building was a different shade of bright pastel, adorned with religious artifacts, from crosses to statues

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Jewels of India

by Niti Majethia

I was born and raised in Mumbai, India, a country full of different traditions and values. India has a caste system with different classes in Hindu society: Gujratis, Kutchis, South Indians, Punjabis, and many more. Since each caste believes in a different god, India is adorned with many different beautiful temples. Each caste has its own

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The Alchemist: Spirituality, Religion, and Life Experience

by Rachel Narducci

The genius of Paulo Coelho’s novel, The Alchemist, lies in its deceptive simplicity. At first glance, the reader might assume that it is merely a fable: the story of the shepherd boy Santiago and his quest for treasure. And it is, to a degree. But when one looks closer, The Alchemist is filled with metaphors

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A Fresh Look

by Nimai Agarwal

Interfaith Connections is a column for teens to dialogue about how their faith or wisdom tradition influences their view of life’s big questions. In each issue, three teens from different backgrounds respond to a question posed by the Editorial Board, based on the theme. This quarter the Ed Board asks:  How has your concept of

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Sufficiency: The Surprising Truth

by Lynne Twist

Myths and superstitions have power over us only to the extent that we believe them, but when we believe, we live completely under their spell and in that fiction.  Scarcity is a lie, but it has been passed down as truth and with a powerful mythology that demands compliance, and discourages doubt or questioning. In my

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One Among Many

by Sam Fraley

Fog lingers like the words of a friend, or even a stranger. Obscuring much, it is a protector, concealing hidden fortunes, only to timidly reveal them when the time is right. In this case, there is a small outdoor school. The fog lingers under canopies and in open space. The wind bites like an angry

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What Shall I Do? (The Last Leaf Standing)

by Liam Shields

As night drops upon my branch The snow falls upon me Wind howls its song of death I know my time is up What should I do? All my Brothers lay forth before me In the barren wasteland below I have but one question to ask myself What Should I do? One by one I

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Understanding Meaning in Our Lives


When all the lights go out

by Izzy Kalichman

When all the lights go out Fire will rise again Warmth emits from small flames burning Entertainment is created from brains And transportation requires movement Food comes from nature and cans We rely on labor to provide Awareness is reborn in people As we wait for the sun to rise and set Only the cognizant

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Questions Without Answers

by Akash V. Mehta

Perhaps I should start off by making one thing clear: I know nothing about anything I’m about to write about. This article is purely engendered from curiosity – it’s merely my personal exploration of questions that happen to interest me. I haven’t read much work of the great philosophers or scientists, (although I do have

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