Double Happiness: Wisdom from Two Buddhist Teachers

by Matthieu Ricard and Sylvia Boorstein

Buddhist teachers Matthieu Ricard and Sylvia Boorstein share two PerSpectives essays on KidSpirit’s summer theme. To imagine happiness as the achievement of all your wishes and passions is to confuse the legitimate aspiration to inner fulfillment with a utopia that inevitably leads to frustration. In affirming that “happiness is the satisfaction of our desires” in

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On a Question

by Himadri Agarwal

The other day, I began to ask people what made them happy. I heard of dinner dates and bookshelves, of baby’s laughs and rainbows that curl over the sky and wink at the passers-by, Of cups of coffee and Taylor Swift, of earphones, gaming consoles and children that look straight at you and never stop

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by Will Hodgkinson

Slowly, tentatively at first, the world roused itself. The hard merciless frost yielded and the soft heady redolence of damp loam and fresh flowers rose into the pure air. Up above, in the limpid azure sky, the great bright orb of the sun climbed, high and assured, its deep intoxicating warmth spreading across the luxuriant

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by Melita S. Michael

The shores of wisdom touched the seas of power Oh! What a beautiful sight. I set sail on my boat; Humility was its name. My future I knew was bright. I learned the art of courage And with it I fished strength. Everything I felt was delight. Years and years I sailed Day by day

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Life’s Quintessence

by Tanmaya Murthy

A sumptuous delicacy, sour and sweet Bitter at times, but a feisty feast A subtle symphony of righteousness and goodwill Mellow melody that comes along, a dream to fulfill Elegant as a lyrical pirouette, poetic as a virtuous verse A fable of morality and peace, a literary ocean to immerse Oneself, where the azure waters

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by Victoria Krylova

Blue is vastness The sea drooling Waves crashing against rocks My mirrored image staring at me From moonlit ocean tides Blue is hope, rejuvenation Owls screeching, snow melting Trees sprouting in the plain Sparrows painting twilight Stars flourishing; the moon chanting Someone falling into the sky Blue is peace Deer skipping through pools of diamonds

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A Buddhist Theory of Language

by Sharon Lin

I knelt on the silken scarf laid across the hardwood floor, my head bent in silent prayer to the spirits of my ancestors. I heard muffled sounds of chanting monks through the old music player at the side of the decaying red shrine. There was no silence on Saturday morning for me. A little after the

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My World

by Nusrat Angela

I have always thought “my world” is too small. Living in a crowded city in Bangladesh, I am surrounded by one “class” of people. I am rooted in a conservative society in which, from a very young age, a path is set for every child. Being different is met with disapproval; it means you have

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Mother Tongues

by Gary Eberle

Human beings come into the world hard-wired to speak any human language. Each of us, at birth, is cap-able of making any sound humans can make, and any baby can potentially under-stand any human tongue. As we grow we learn a particular language — our “mother tongue” — and our ability to learn other languages

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The Power of Words In My Tradition

by Nimai Agarwal

Words. They are behind almost every story. I am fascinated by the importance of words in the Vedas, which, as a Hindu, I’ve grown up with. Words are the heart of Hindu traditions, stories, and culture. As I’ve returned to the scriptures over the years, I’ve begun to notice a pattern. Words come to the forefront,

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