by Victoria Rathernottell

Blue is vastness The sea drooling Waves crashing against rocks My mirrored image staring at me From moonlit ocean tides Blue is hope, rejuvenation Owls screeching, snow melting Trees sprouting in the plain Sparrows painting twilight Stars flourishing; the moon chanting Someone falling into the sky Blue is peace Deer skipping through pools of diamonds

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Here Comes Winter

by Angela Nguyen

Sometimes, Winter is an old man, hobbling along slowly, spreading only a thin layer of snowy powder, like dandruff, from the tip of his knobbly cane to the cracked pavement. Old Man Winter, his tenuous grasp on the season breaks easily with the swift and spritely step of Spring. Other times, Winter is a young

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by David Wiegn

I am lost in a world of increasing religious fundamentalism. All around me, religion remains powerful, and I feel helpless. At my high school in Dallas, Texas, teaching evolution remains a touchy subject, even this far into the 21st century. Numerous school clubs and charities spread Christianity as primary goals. Recently, my high school has

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The Mystery Is Out There

by Dr. Marcelo Gleiser

Here is a question you don’t think about everyday: where did the stuff you’re made of come from? We know we are made of cells, and cells are made of molecules, and molecules are made of different atoms. But where do the atoms come from? The ground? Food? Well, food is also made of living

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My Safe Harbor

by Celie Johnson

The world is irrelevant. All focus is on one thing: the present; every aspect and every physical thing, feeling, or emotion that creates every second, of every hour, of every day. In this particular moment, I am on my boat Totoro, named after my favorite childhood movie. The name brings back memories of the dozens

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When the Mountains Called Me

by Gemma Laurence

At 12,749 feet up in the air, I felt victorious. My heart pounded in my ribcage. My cheeks were flushed. Bruises blossomed beneath the hip and shoulder straps of my pack, which was over half my weight. I looked down. All those boulders I’d scrambled over were pebbles. The vast snowfields were tiny patches strewn

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The Playground in Winter

by Maria Christian

Dear Maria, I wish we could go back to the times when we were young, You didn’t know what war was, really– I knew but didn’t care. Sadness was a far-off thing; Life was joyous, a constant song And the beauty of winter wasn’t lost, because we were alone. There was no desperate cry for

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by Matt Delavan

“Boys! Come out here! Right about now is when the sunset begins! Honey, grab the camera!” My dad yelled from his chair. We immediately stopped sword dueling on our Wii console to go outside on the balcony, where we had a perfect view of the mountains to watch the sun peek from its hiding place

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The Swallow

by Tanmaya Murthy

She came and perched on the window sill And I, a forlorn soul, got charmed by the magnificence Her pristine beauty amazed me, I stood still A divine being showed its benign presence   She chirruped with melody and pride An ocean of rhythmic divinity Held her head high, as she sang, dignified God’s gift,

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Awe, Nature, and Fear: The Sublime Then and Now

by Eleanor Goetz

If you have ever stood at the edge of a large waterfall or tried to understand the size and workings of the universe, you are most likely feeling an emotion that artists of the sublime attempt to elicit from the viewer. The sublime can be described as a feeling inspired by nature or by a

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