by Eliza Moore

Here is this great multitude of sky. And suddenly little darkened, precarious bodies dart across it, All perfectly grouped together, A little mass of beating wings. Why are they not scattered like stars? There is plenty of room, little birds. Why do you not break away from your crowded chaos, And free yourselves? You have

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by Will Hodgkinson

Slowly, tentatively at first, the world roused itself. The hard merciless frost yielded and the soft heady redolence of damp loam and fresh flowers rose into the pure air. Up above, in the limpid azure sky, the great bright orb of the sun climbed, high and assured, its deep intoxicating warmth spreading across the luxuriant

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by Victoria Krylova

Fuming, bleeding, running The edge of the world Is red on fire A golden sphere Sinks beneath the earth Dragging the clouds And the sky down with it Strip of purple The sky fighting Against the sun Melting away Beyond a twisting canyon Sunset Victoria Krylova

A Season of Blossom

by Yashashree Ghatge

Spring, a season When I want a reason To blossom with the trees In a gentle breeze With dancing flowers. Pretty water droplets on a rose Fills the mind with hope The encouraging morning scene Makes the whole day green With great joy and happiness. Yashashree Ghatge  

God’s Country

by Cecelia Fox

Every morning the sun rises from the east and sets in the west. Every night the sky is filled with a billion tiny lights. Even the moonlight shines atop the gleaming lakes. The lakes are surrounded by land (of course), but with tall hills. The hills have eyes I like to say. They are full

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The Earth and Me

by Fatema Karimi

I feel very lucky to be part of the Muslim community where I can study how humanity affects the earth, as well as understand my duty towards it. Islam is a religion that teaches duty and responsibility. We are made dependent on one another so that we may help each other. My relationship with the

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Home Sweet Home

by Zoe Olson

When I was younger, my family lived in a house with a giant two-and-a-half-acre lawn that was mostly trees and a creek trickling through the backyard. Being homeschooled, I had a lot of time on my hands; I would have gone crazy with boredom if it hadn’t been for that backyard. The forest was at

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The Mother Guide

by Jash Kalyani

Dedicated to my mother, Jimi Kalyani In a problem wide, with mother by his side, He asked for a solution, an answer or swift conclusion The mother said: Son, the problem is yours; solve it on your own, Remember there is always a stepping stone! A new day is a puzzle, a riddle to solve;

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Sing No More

by Emily Chaflin

Silence is the quietest thing. Not a whistle or note, Frail dark blue wings still, Small head gently at rest, Cold eyes closed. They ask why the caged bird sings. The answer is the caged bird sings because it can sing. The caged bird sings For the day it will be free, Free from this

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Our Human Inheritance

by Bill McKibben

We all happen to be alive at an extremely interesting moment—the exact moment when human beings have grown so large that they’ve begun to affect everything around them. Human civilization—the period we have records for, when people lived lives somewhat like our own—stretches back about 10,000 years. Scientists call that period the “Holocene.” The earth’s

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