Ode to Sorrow

by Zaki Andoh

Sorrow Whispers In your ear Thoughts Of defeat — You’re a failure! She may Be relieving At the time But don’t Give in To Sorrow. She spins Her webs of sadness, Wrapping around Your heart Her eight Thin legs, Crawling through your soul. She feeds On your despair, Poisoning your mind. A depression in Your

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View of a Lilac

by Victoria Krylova

I’m a sweet thing Deprived of a soul, Hidden from wisdom’s prudent search; Softly pasturing life’s garden, Bedecking the coolness of streams, Strewn over the grasslands I sprout, I flourish Held safe in God’s care Blossoms prospering, Leaves waxing greener, Splashes of color Love’s clearest language When parchment fades, When roses wilt, Elegant lilac, seed

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Mythical Magic

by Jaileah Milton

It’s not something you can see or hear; But it gives you some sort of drive. It’s like your five senses disappear; The more you want it, the more you strive. We held on to it for as long as we could; But we had some growing up to do. Was it all imagination? We

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The Land of Myth

by Himadri Agarwal

“Where am I?” I wonder, as I stand trapped between truth and lies, fact and fiction, in the no man’s land they call myth. And I move forward past the comics they gave us as children — illustrated depictions by artistic magicians who bring a world to life.   Past the stories on Sunday morning

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by Eliza Moore

Here is this great multitude of sky. And suddenly little darkened, precarious bodies dart across it, All perfectly grouped together, A little mass of beating wings. Why are they not scattered like stars? There is plenty of room, little birds. Why do you not break away from your crowded chaos, And free yourselves? You have

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by Will Hodgkinson

Slowly, tentatively at first, the world roused itself. The hard merciless frost yielded and the soft heady redolence of damp loam and fresh flowers rose into the pure air. Up above, in the limpid azure sky, the great bright orb of the sun climbed, high and assured, its deep intoxicating warmth spreading across the luxuriant

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by Casey Robins

She was a name. A single compilation from 26 letters into a single meaning, a single girl. She was a name that survived on the tip of her pen in the loose pages of her triple-ringed journal. The word was her identity. She was a name at the beginning of a sentence. Choked from the

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Forgetting Me

by Anushka Canfield

I have forgotten. Forgotten the best part of me. Inside I can feel it, but I can neither see nor hear what life before me was. What did I do when I was young? What did I smell? Why can’t I remember the first four years of my tiny life? Unknown shapes and dull colors

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by Melita S. Michael

The shores of wisdom touched the seas of power Oh! What a beautiful sight. I set sail on my boat; Humility was its name. My future I knew was bright. I learned the art of courage And with it I fished strength. Everything I felt was delight. Years and years I sailed Day by day

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The Power to Survive

by Sunwrita Dastidar

The misty mountains on a blue morning So close yet so distant, Silent sentinels of a peaceful world — A world that collapsed. They watched their lives crumble As Earth took her revenge — Their horror-struck eyes a witness to Eons destroyed in an instant. The mighty tower cracked and crashed In a ruined river of

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