At First Impact

by Josh Seides

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”– Aesop Anxious, nervous, excited. All of these words could describe the way I felt the night before I had to teach my first class on technology. I had been up late that night, turning, tossing, sweating bullets. Would anyone think the class was helpful

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The Truths Behind Modern Technology

by Akash Mehta

One afternoon, two summers ago on a crowded bus in England, I noticed that my pocket felt lighter than normal. Immediately I realized what was missing: my iPhone. I frantically checked my other pockets and my bag, then pushed to the front of the bus. I asked the driver to let me out and bolted

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Technology: Creative Tool or Escape Route?

by Vidushi Sharma

“Mom…?” She turned around to give me a cursory glance while wrestling with my willful sister’s tangled curls. “What?” It was too much. I knew, as I somehow always did, that this plan was going to fail once again. “Never mind,” I mumbled. “Nothing.” I was in third grade at the time, in a small

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