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Welcome to KidSpirit Online

Elizabeth Dabney HochmanKidSpirit Online is a free teen magazine and website for kids that empowers 11-to-17-year olds everywhere to tackle life’s big questions. KidSpirit provides a creative internet publishing outlet for teens around the globe to share original essays, poetry and artwork. The magazine is a nonprofit ad-free quarterly, with themes chosen and submissions edited by our all-youth Editorial Board. The content nurtures spiritual development and open dialogue with kids from all backgrounds and traditions.

KidSpirit Online combines its unique magazine content with a growing community on the Web! The online magazine and membership in KidSpirit are free. Become a member and participate in groups and forums on any topic that inspires you (teen volunteer opportunities, favorite quotes and ideas for new themes, to name a few), or start a brand new group.

Teachers, parents and youth workers will find great teaching resources and ideas for encouraging youth development on our site, including free group guides for each of our issues and links to organizations we think you might like to know about. And, as a Mom’s Choice Gold winner, a NAPPA Gold winner, and a Golden Lamp finalist, KidSpirit is one of the highest quality free websites for kids you’re likely to find!

But remember that, at its core, KidSpirit is by and for kids like you. If you’d like to share your writing, poetry or artwork online, get friends and fellow students involved with a creative internet writing tool, or spread the word about kid volunteer opportunities, you’ve come to the right place! Read the Mission Statement by our teen Editorial Board below and get involved: become a member and be sure to submit your work for a future issue. Above all, your ideas matter – so share YOUR voice at KidSpirit Online!

Elizabeth Dabney Hochman
Elizabeth Dabney Hochman
Founding Editor


Our Mission

KidSpirit Editorial Board

Kid Spirit is a global coed online magazine and community for deep thinkers with big ideas. Our community is a place where members actively express their views and engage each other through groups and comments. The quarterly magazine is a unique forum for kids to tackle age-old questions that affect us all. We want to help the young people of the world show their colors and share each others’ cultures, art, beliefs, ethics and values. Our goal is to encourage varied perspectives and contribute to greater mutual understanding in our lives and our world.

Each issue of the magazine has a thought-provoking theme that draws in readers and urges further exploration. Our Editorial Board meets to discuss future issues, edit current submissions, have fun and eat cookies. We invite submissions in the form of poetry, artwork and articles from readers around the world.

The KidSpirit Editorial Board

KidSpirit Online is a free teen magazine & website for kids created by and for young people to tackle life’s big questions together. Teens share online writing, poetry, artwork, volunteer opportunities and examine their spiritual development in a non-affiliated and inclusive forum. Join the conversation!