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Kid Spirit is a global coed online magazine and community for deep thinkers with big ideas. Our community is a place where members actively express their views and engage each other through groups and comments. The quarterly magazine is a unique forum for kids to tackle age-old questions that affect us all. We want to help the young people of the world show their colors and share each other’s cultures, art, beliefs, ethics, and values. Our goal is to encourage varied perspectives and contribute to greater mutual understanding in our lives and our world. Each issue of the magazine has a thought-provoking theme that draws in readers and urges further exploration. Our Editorial Board meets to discuss future issues, edit current submissions, have fun, and eat cookies. We invite submissions in the form of poetry, artwork, and articles from readers around the world.

-The KidSpirit Editorial Board


New York Editorial Board

a picture of the New York Editorial Board
Jaden FlachSylvie GreenZeeshan Hassan-AndohLila HazanCaroline HochmanWilliam LohierOscar LuckettGrace LuckettMaya MeshSofia MeshJack MilesUday SchultzSatya Shaw

California Satellite Editorial Board

a picture of the California Satellite Editorial Board
Adult Liaison:Julia Davis
Michael DeschenesJulieta GranéLiana Kaye-LewMegan KelleherLucy Liversidge

China Satellite Editorial Board (Beijing)

a picture of the China Satellite Editorial Board (Beijing)
Adult Liaison:Paul Awtrey
Communications Liaison:Ju Botao
Zhu YasiLiang YingxinPeiyao Yu

Colorado Satellite Editorial Board (Denver)

a picture of the Colorado Satellite Editorial Board (Denver)
Adult Liaison:Victoria Fernandez and Laura Waldron
Alexandra CollinsTaha DouhajThya GalindoKatie HayTessa McConnellIsabetta MerovechJewelie PerryHannah Schuett

Ghana Satellite Editorial Board (Accra)

a picture of the Ghana Satellite Editorial Board (Accra)
Adult Liaison:Anthony Amoako, Brigitte Ampah, and Richard Commey
Senam AkpablaMaureen Mawusi AllandiJessica Amoa AttaNarki DorhMichael DueduBritanny Pina KabaLemuella NikoiAshley-Dora Tamaklo

India Satellite Editorial Board (Ahmedabad)

a picture of the India Satellite Editorial Board (Ahmedabad)
Adult Liaison:Namrata Jajoo
Meesha ChotaiSamarth JajooAyana JhalaNargis KachrumathurKushan V. MehtaAditya NaikAdya SarinKavya ShahRaavee Tripathi

India Satellite Editorial Board (Aurangabad)

a picture of the India Satellite Editorial Board (Aurangabad)
Adult Liaison:Namrata Jajoo
Arpan DabhadeSubodh GanakwarAkash JagtapYadnesh NikamYash PatilSakshi Pawar

Kentucky Satellite Editorial Board (Robertson County)

a picture of the Kentucky Satellite Editorial Board (Robertson County)
Adult Liaison:Holly Linville and Tracy Teegarden
Brooklyn ButlerSydney CochlinCharlie CochlinWyatt CooperDestin FrymanChris JettErick NavaAlex SchalchMadison TuckerAndrew UnthankAnnalee Whitten

Maine Satellite Editorial Board (Yarmouth)

a picture of the Maine Satellite Editorial Board (Yarmouth)
Adult Liaison:Marita O'Neill
Olivia BaileyPie RasorLulu Rasor

Nepal Satellite Editorial Board (Hetauda)

a picture of the Nepal Satellite Editorial Board (Hetauda)
Adult Liaison:Rishi KB and Ganesh Shrestha
Rojina ChaulagainUtsuk GurungRitwik KBRanjita LamaManisha RimalRiwaj ShresthaSimran ShresthaPradhi ShresthaSushant Subedi

Pakistan Satellite Editorial Board (Karachi)

a picture of the Pakistan Satellite Editorial Board (Karachi)
Adult Liaison:Fareeha Shah
Ryeaan ChaudhryFatema KarimiAsbiha KashifSara NaseerMustafa ShahZahra Valika

Pakistan Satellite Editorial Board (Lahore)

a picture of the Pakistan Satellite Editorial Board (Lahore)
Communications Liaison:Mehrbano Asim Naseem, Miraal Zafar, and Fizza Raza
Sehr AliAlisha AmjadZainab HasanMinahil MahmudZayna MianIman Monnoo

Paraguay Satellite Editorial Board (Coronel Oviedo)

a picture of the Paraguay Satellite Editorial Board (Coronel Oviedo)
Adult Liaison:Blanca Penayo Amarilla
Juan EspinolaJunyor FlorentinFatima GarcíaCindy LlorensJesus LópezJazmin MedinaSteffany MelgarejoRodney MieresLibni RodriguezDébora Samudio

Contributing Editor

Ronan Shields


Elizabeth is the Founder and Executive Director of KidSpirit. She believes kids are uniquely capable of building a future grounded in mutual appreciation and creative solutions. Elizabeth loves to sing, spend time with her family and play with their three dogs.

Elizabeth Dabney Hochman

Jessie is KidSpirit's Managing Editor. She loves helping to elevate youth voices through a kid-led creative platform. Jessie's favorite part of the day is the early morning, spent with a novel, her sleeping cat, and a cup of strong coffee.

Jessie Insley

Justine is KidSpirit's Operations Associate. She believes promoting empathy in kids can mold the world. She loves spending her days writing and her nights reading.

Justine Woods

Jack is KidSpirit's Editorial Assistant. He is passionate about helping young people unlock their power to shape themselves and the world through writing. He is a former middle school teacher, a dedicated runner, and an avid reader of science fiction and magical realism.

Jack Mahoney

Linda is KidSpirit’s graphic designer. She has worked as an art director for a print magazine, a designer/editor on an e-book project, and with KidSpirit for a number of years. Passionate about design and cooking, she hopes to one day finish a cookbook of family recipes.

Linda Zerella

Michele is Kidspirit's Video Content Manager. He is passionate about visual storytelling and has found his vocation in creating videos. He loves shaping stories that allow viewers to share in feelings and knowledge.

Michele Teodori

Margot is KidSpirit’s intern. She believes that questioning is a key to life and self-exploration, and that curiosity should be encouraged starting at a young age. Among Margot’s many passions are literature, music, and wellness.

Margot Kenagy

Board of Directors

The Honorable Carla Craig
Elizabeth Dabney Hochman, MM
Lewis M. Dabney, MS
Patrick R. Gaston, MBA
Jon Hochman, Esq.
Ann Hughes
Karen Humphries Sallick
The Rev. Kristin Kaulbach Miles
Jane Quinn, MA
Janice Roddenbery, PhD
Rabbi Joshua Stanton