Impact & Recognition

By the Numbers


Has published 43 issues on youth-chosen themes since its founding in 2007

Has worked with hundreds of writers, editors, and artists from 27 countries

Currently serves about 100 editors and 35 independent contributors from 15 US states and 13 other countries each year

Reaches about 80,000 readers from 187 countries each year, plus many more through syndication

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In 2018, we surveyed all editors and found that KidSpirit significantly impacts several aspects of their personal and social development:

Academics and College Readiness

80% of editors say that KidSpirit has helped them develop organizational skills, like meeting deadlines

96% feel KidSpirit has helped them develop their writing skills

100% of participants report that KidSpirit has helped them learn to give and receive constructive criticism

Perspective-taking and Conflict Resolution Skills

83% of participants report that KidSpirit has helped them learn to find common ground and compromise

92% report that KidSpirit has helped them understand others’ perspectives and be more open to new ideas

Global Awareness

92% of participants say that KidSpirit has helped them widen their knowledge of others’ cultures and beliefs

Self Confidence and Leadership

92% of participants report that KidSpirit has helped them develop confidence in voicing their opinions

100% of participants feel KidSpirit empowers teens to express their ideas and viewpoints

In Their Own Words

In 2018, editors anonymously told us:

“KidSpirit is an amazing aid to self-expression.”

“I have learned how to ideas I may disagree with.”

“KidSpirit has helped me develop my writing, thinking, analyzing and questioning skills.”

“KidSpirit has given me great respect for the editorial process. Writing for me has not become a declaration but a conversation. I now see both writing and editing as collaborative and dynamic, a way for all parties to test their beliefs and grow.”

“Because of KidSpirit I am open to . . . new kinds of experiences/ideas that help me connect with all kinds of people.”

“KidSpirit gives children the platform . . . to broaden their horizon, think, and express their opinions and viewpoints. It allows children of a similar age but completely different walks of life to interact with each other. KidSpirit is extremely important as it adds to your personality and it might make you look at things from a different perspective!”

“KidSpirit is helping me to explore a wide variety of new topics, both in and out of my country. It is a wonderful learning experience for a child of my age, and is really helping me to grow as a person, by giving me the confidence and knowledge I need.”

“KidSpirit has taught me that everybody is different, and no viewpoint is less valid just because it is not one's own.”

“[I was] thrust into a space in which I was not only expected but encouraged to voice my opinions and beliefs about everything. I learned to both form opinions and respect those of others.”

“KidSpirit adds to your character, as well as challenges you. It makes you learn to listen to people with different opinions, as you must look at all angles to a 'story.’”

“As one of the more senior members of the Editorial Board, I feel like I have a responsibility to give back to the organization that's given me so much, and help the younger editors find their voice in a challenging, inviting, and encouraging space.”

“KidSpirit has most of all helped me develop the confidence to voice my opinions. It has given me the courage to step up to the plate and express myself, without the fear of being judged or criticised.”

“KidSpirit gives us a platform, a voice, which we the next generation desperately need.”

“Having access to the narratives of people from other countries, places, and perspectives has allowed me to appreciate diversity and value intercultural work and collaboration.”

“KidSpirit has encouraged me to become more aware of my peers' perspectives . . . I think I have become better at having meaningful discussions with people.”

“[KidSpirit] has opened my eyes to the various experiences that kids my own age have gone through. I think it is sometimes easy to forget about how your environment can change your way of living, and reading the different pieces from kids around the world is a constant reminder to not forget about that.”

Awards and Recognition

In its almost 10 years of publication, KidSpirit has garnered recognition and received over a dozen awards from a rare combination of parenting, educational, and journalistic organizations, including:

S&P Book Award (S&P, 2018)

Wilbur Award for Youth Books (RCC, 2017, 2015, and 2012)

Magazine Overall Excellence, First Place (RNA, 2016)

Wilbur Award for Online Magazine Articles (RCC, 2014)

Parents' Choice Recommended, Magazines (2013)

Parents' Choice Approved, Websites (2012)

2012 Hours Against Hate (Odyssey Networks, 2012)

Magazine Story Layout and Design of the Year (RNA, 2012)

Distinguished Achievement Awards, Finalist (AEP, 2012)

Golden Lamp Awards, Finalist (AEP, 2011)

Mom's Choice Awards, Gold (2010)

National Parenting Publications Awards, Gold/Top Pick (2008)

KidSpirit has also been recommended by Common Sense Media, the New York Public Library, Family Circle, and School Library Journal. Several contributors have been awarded Scholastic Art & Writing Awards for pieces originally published in KidSpirit.