In Print

The Best of KidSpirit, Volume V

Cover artwork by Jaden Flach

The Best of KidSpirit Online, Volume V, features the most inspiring articles, poems, and artwork by 11-to-17-year-olds published on KidSpirit during 2017. This major collection includes important youth writing on the themes of four issues: “Simplicity and Complexity,” “Resilience,” “Unity and Division,” and “Creation and Destruction.” An exceptional compendium of youth talent, this volume features award winning pieces chosen by a global network of young people throughout the United States and abroad, from Beijing to Sarajevo to New York, and other exceptional works that will inspire teen readers to become engaged citizens and critical thinkers.

Original artwork and poetry accompany beautifully designed full-color articles. Each issue of KidSpirit revolves around a Big Question posed by the editors and answered in depth by one contributor. All four responses from 2017 are included in the compilation. The volume also offers inspiring personal stories of transformation, eye-opening expository investigations of meaningful topics, powerful poetry, and more.

KidSpirit also includes one column authored by adults, featuring wisdom on each theme from an expert in the field. The Best of KidSpirit, Volume V, contains pieces by Rev. Konrad Ryushin Marchaj, Nick Stuart, Benjamin Jealous, and Roshi Joan Halifax.

This book is a rich resource for families, educators, and youth workers looking for meaningful content and discussion starters, and a great addition to school libraries.

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10 Years of KidSpirit

Cover artwork by Zoe Olson

In honor of KidSpirit's tenth anniversary, we are proud to release 10 Years of KidSpirit, a print anthology of the most insightful and inspirational work from our first decade. To purchase the volume, please click here.

Though 314 pages long, the book represents only a fraction of the wide ranging work published in KidSpirit by 11- to 17-year-olds  around the world over the past ten years. In its stunningly designed pages, young people from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, and religious backgrounds explore almost 35 meaningful topics, including power, money, heritage, climate change, discovery, and peacemaking. Through expository essays, personal narratives, media reviews, poetry, and art, they dive deeply into questions that go to the heart of life and share insight sure to spark engaging conversations and transformative reflection.

This beautiful collection of youth-created work has been recognized with a Wilbur Award for Youth Books from the RCC, as well as a 2017 S&P Award from Spirituality & Practice, which calls the book "a superb sampler" that "you need to get . . . you will hear about these young people's hopes, their concerns, and their passions."

School Library Journal says the volume “honors a vision of tolerance and understanding . . . and addresses current topics that affect teens, personally and globally.”

Jennifer Egan, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, calls 10 Years of KidSpirit "a cornucopia of wisdom, insight, meditations, and recollections by kids (and former kids) from all over the world. It’s a glorious testament to the curiosity and engagement of young people, and heartening for readers of any age.”

John Palfrey, Head of School at Phillips Academy, observes, “The passion, spirit, and faith that shine through the words in this book should give us all great hope for what lies ahead. ”

Leslie Connor, award-winning author, says, “Exceptional care and crafting are evident in every entry, making this an impressive anniversary volume that can inspire us all.”

Milbrey McLaughlin, Jack Davies Professor Emerita at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, adds that "10 Years of KidSpirit is an exquisitely beautiful book in its stunning graphics and art, but most especially in the thoughtfulness of the young people’s viewpoints collected there. Their understandings of the world constitute a treasure to return to, and learn from, again and again."

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