A Divided Approach

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In Haiti, we don’t necessarily approach nature as a community per se, because in reality we are far more segregated than together. Like many countries, Haiti does not focus on nature entirely. The vegetation percentage seems very low, just based off of what one can see. When looking off of any elevated space in Petion-Ville, you will be able to see an enormous mountain that you would wish to be filled with trees and grass. But due to the poverty in our country, it is filled with tons and tons of little houses. After the earthquake in 2010, there were many homes and families lost. Due to that fact, people had to find new places to build any type of shelter to live in. With help from organizations and people who have travelled to Haiti, many people that were previously living on the street are now living in a little home on the side of the mountain.

Though, having said that, there is a major con that will one day become an outcome of this. Due to the heavy rains, there are massive amounts of mud, trash, and water that slide down the mountain, causing it to become fairly dangerous for those living there. There have already been incidents where I have been woken up by the sound of houses falling on top of each other, and the screams of civilians in the distance. The way that Haiti sees and takes care of the nature around us is extremely toxic. Trash is thrown anywhere and everywhere you look. Beautiful oceans and basins are now trashed and barely swimmable. The circumstances of our country’s landfill is crucial, and I believe that if we don’t start caring more about our land and the things around us that provide for us to live and breathe, Haiti will be in grave danger.

Elodie Robinson is in the 10th grade at Quisqueya Christian School in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She enjoys playing soccer and volleyball, and likes to challenge herself with new sports when she can.

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