Cultivating Inner Strength

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Inner strength is one of the most important and essential characteristics a person needs to possess. However, how is it important? Without inner strength, you will not have the ability to overcome difficulties and stress that you may encounter during your lifetime. Yet, It is certainly not enough to just simply possess it. Strengthening, cultivating, and developing inner strength are as important as having it. There are many influential factors in my daily life that can support me in developing my inner strength, such as the community I interact with every single day.

First of all, interacting and spending time with positive-thinking friends in my community can develop my inner strength. They are extremely productive, and they utilize their time wisely and know how to deal with pressure and work. On the other hand, people who are negative are most likely to encounter hardships, since they can’t face them with an open mind. Thus, understanding how to handle or deal with pressure and overcome challenges with inner strength is very important. Secondly, difficulties in my community provide opportunities for me to practice and reinforce my skills in dealing with problems. One of the key points to move towards success is to have strong inner strength which is by accepting challenges.

In my opinion, accepting challenges given by my community and challenging myself are the best ways to develop my inner strength. To me, every day is a challenge. Hence, we should all try our very best to develop our inner strength!

Clio Leung is a 13 year-old living in Taipei, Taiwan. She enjoys drawing and playing games during her free time.

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