Eye of the Hurricane

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About 30 years ago, Haiti used to be one of the cleanest islands in the Caribbean. But for a while now, it has struggled with maintaining its care for the environment. With its harsh history and government corruption, most think it is inevitable for the Haitian environment to be so deprived of the proper management it desperately needs. On January 12, 2010, a disaster struck the small island of Hispaniola. The tragedy of the earthquake brought devastation to both the inhabitants and the ecosystem, to the point where it seemed impossible for any reparations to be made.

Fortunately, to aid in the environmental loss, foreign organizations have reached out to the country and have taken the initiative to help care for the damages caused by the great seismic event. This became the building block for other Haitian organizations to start the re-formation of Haiti’s environment. Almost a decade after the catastrophe, the numerous associations have come together to aid the country. Each year, the Ministry of the Environment organizes a reforestation program in the provinces and countryside, in cooperation with other foreign organizations, including the National Equipment Center (CNE), SMCRS, FoProBiM, and others. The associations have contributed to the reconstruction of Haiti’s blemished state. Even though the streets are still littered with trash, dead bodies, burnt tires, and other unsanitary things, the community is working toward progress.

Negativity has followed Haiti ever since the earthquake, but people need to realize that some wish to rejuvenate this once beautiful and mountainous country. Every person contributes to helping the environment in each province or city, and it helps widen the impact of the bigger organizations that come and clean the country. Although we rely mostly on foreigners to do the deed of fixing Haiti’s economy and environment, the individuals try to help make an impact in some way or another.

Keesha Joseph is in the ninth grade at Quisqueya Christian School in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She loves reading and writing both stories and poetry, and music is her second life. Keesha also plays volleyball with an amazing team and loves watching anime.

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