Speed Breakers of Silence Prevent the Accidents of Life

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Life: just a four-letter word but still very complex. The cake of happiness has some icing of sadness. The ride of anger always ends with silence. War has its conclusion hidden behind peace. Strange!

We humans are the only creatures who spend their whole lives fiddling with problems and solutions. Many times we succeed in achieving our goals, but many times we fall. This fall is where we all start to break.

Many times wrong decisions are taken by us in such conditions.

Problems can disturb us, not allowing us to go further. Many of us stop our race to success; also due to this pause in our journey we may feel sad and depressed.

But we need to realize the road to success has some speed breakers, which help us avoid accidents. When a person is depressed, their body starts getting weak. Also, due to this, their mental health is affected, many times resulting in failure. This weakness might result in some serious diseases. So to cure this depression and confusion, we need to modify our lives. We need to take the medicine of silence to cure ourselves.

Silence and quietude are viewed as the best and the only medicine for problems in my community. It’s the only prescription which is given to people when they are trapped in such situations.

Silence helps us to take a pause which empties the spam folder of our body by pausing and giving us time to analyze, think, organize, and decide. This pause of silence helps to reduce our speed by acting as a speed breaker. Silence gives us time to make the right decision, which can help us avoid accidents in life.

It helps us to gather the scattered light of our perspectives with a focused lens, resulting in a single powerful ray which can burn the paper that is problems in a moment! And so I say:

Our brain is a road,
With vehicles and loads,
Many times some unexpected accidents happen,
But don’t worry, take a break and let the injury heal and go!

Onkar Borde is a 12-year-old from Aurangabad, India. He loves playing football and enjoys robotics. Onkar has a passion for writing and is also an aspiring singer.

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