Staying Connected in Difficult Times

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The island of Puerto Rico is a community composed of many different groups that were all affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our school community shut down classes and we could only connect virtually. This virtual communication allowed us to stay connected although we could not see each other physically. Taking virtual classes has been an astonishing change. It took some time for me to adjust to the new lifestyle but, eventually, this new way of communication became routine and decreased our feeling of isolation.

This isolation was also felt in my sports community. I participate in a soccer league and we had to cancel all group practices and tournaments. My soccer team was able to find a solution. Although we were not able to practice together as a team our coaches held personalized training sessions. These individualized practices kept us connected to the sport even if we could not play as a team. Hopefully, we can go back to practicing as a team as soon as quarantine ends to share time with our peers.

The larger community of Puerto Rico as a whole was told to quarantine and remain in their homes. Most people were stressed because of the unusual circumstance and we had to find new ways to stay connected. We limited ourselves to small groups and used all the protective measures including protective masks, hand sanitizer, and social distancing. This distancing led to a feeling of isolation, especially among our older family members. Since the virus mainly affects elders, I could not visit my grandparents. Being unable to visit them made me feel sad because I enjoy spending time with them. However, we are doing our best to stay connected even in these difficult times.

Alejandro Gabriel Perez León is 14 years old and currently in 8th grade. He enjoys participating in Kidspirit so he can meet new people. He plans to study medicine in the future.

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