A Dilly Bar for Two

Summer means ice cream!
That sweet-tasting treat
that everyone loves to eat.
We go to the dairy queen,
just the two of us together.
Ice cream or dilly bar?
A dilly bar!
They are quite marvelous.
The shell is hard but then underneath it is soft.
In the scorching sun, we eat quickly,
before they melt like a sad snowman.
Then winter comes and the snowman becomes alive.
That means we must wait until next year.
Summer means ice cream!

Moira is 12 years old and a 6th-grade student at Seattle Girls’ School. Her favorite subjects in school are art, science, and writing. In her free time, Moira enjoys soccer, horseback riding, and hiking with her dog, Mateo. When she has some time to herself, she loves to draw. She is most proud when other people tell her she is a sensitive and compassionate person because she believes these are traits that help make the world a better place.

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