All Might

If they tackle Jason,
I’ll defend him
If they attack him,
I’ll be at his side.
No matter what scary names they call him
He’ll have my help,
all through the night.

Other little girls might be scared of their Jasons
(who might not even be called Jason)
But nothing tames fear but experience.

Leave a cookie
A tin of marbles
Under your bed
And you’ll find it empty
Or gone.

Sometimes he’ll give one back.
Keep it up until he comes out
And greets you.

Because you want to have Jason
On your side.

Because you want to have Jason
As a friend.

Girls who have Jasons
Like me
Are fearless.

Girls who have Jasons
Like me
Can do anything.

Girls who have Jasons
Like me
Aren’t afraid of anything anymore.

Because you don’t have to fear
Or dark,
Or heights,
Or the dead

When you’ve tamed the monster
Underneath your bed.

Naomi Schulz is a 13-year-old who has too many ideas to keep track of. Despite that, she creates poetry and writing to at least get some of it down on paper. She'd like to thank you for taking time out of the only life you have to read her work.

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