An Ode to Poetry

Poetry is a walk through the clouds,
And during that walk sometimes,
When I’m lucky I find a rainbow.
But sometimes I find a storm.

Poetry is like a rollercoaster,
Smooth at first,
Bumpy sometimes,
But very fun.

Poetry is like a feast,
My thoughts are the dishes,
Some dishes I like,
Some I don’t.
But at the end of this feast
I am happy.

Poetry is a whole new work,
Filled with thoughts,
Filled with influence.

Pahal Bhasin is a 13-year-old budding poet. She studies in the eighth grade at Excelsior American School in Gurugram, India. She enjoys reading and writing poems, acting, singing, dancing, drawing, photography, and community service, and loves nature. You can see more of her work at

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