Because of Nature

Many people like to visit beautiful places and to adventure
It is beautiful because of Nature
Nobody can begin to describe it
We have to feel nature with our heartbeat

Nobody can destroy and compare natural beauty
To save natural beauty is our duty
Everywhere green leaves and dense forest
So, it makes our life the very best

Look! Everywhere fresh air and beauty
Because of nature we get much happiness
I am so lucky because I feel nature and am proud to be a living being
If I am only feeling it from my heart, I forget everything

“Nature” is inside our hearts
So, enjoy and feel it, our life is very short

Ranjita Lama is a eighth-grade student at the Prajwal School in Hetauda, Nepal. Ranjita is a member of the KidSpirit Nepal Editorial Board. Ranjita enjoys drawing, singing, dancing, writing poems, and making crafts.

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