Blue Venus

Blue Venus you circle
around the earth

Making everything cold
and hard

Where are you Blue Venus?
Where are you?

You tingle my legs
And chill my feet

You scare me

You stare at me
Right by the sun

Making the sky a
Dark blue and pink

You make me scared
And I cried

Where are you Blue Venus?
Where are you?

You carry the chill
Across the world

But this only happened
three times

Now, where’s the fourth?

Did they lie?

The scariest thing is that I could not find you

Lyla Rae Cheary, 13 years old, currently lives in New York City and attends middle school at East Community High. In her free time, Lyla loves to read, write poetry, bake, and after many years of persistently asking her parents to get her a dog, finally got one.

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