We should be the protectors of this land of nature,
But we do no more than destroy it,
We are always finding short-term benefits,
But now we are experiencing the problem we never imagined,
We are face-to-face with a challenge that we can’t simply ignore.

We have taken precautions to protect ourselves,
Hygiene, avoiding crowded places and quarantine,
Isolation from each other, which is depressing,
Instead we should stay isolated from these problems.
Many innocent people have lost their lives,
Leaving their families in a situation where all they do is think of them,
Everywhere I hear prayers for the protection against this drastic act,
We need to stop blaming each other and take the right steps,
That’s the only hopeful option left,
For the sake of the future generation,
Who will have masks around their mouths,
Iron shields around their bodies,
A handful of trees,
Smoke instead of clouds,
And no safe way to leave their houses,
Let’s be careful and respect the privileges we have.

Pahal Bhasin is a 12-year-old budding poet. She studies in the seventh grade at Excelsior American School in Gurugram, India. Her hobbies include poetry, singing, dancing, drawing, fencing, and playing the piano.

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