Everyone Has a Dream

Everyone has a dream of a life.
When he or she gets to the point of achievement
That is fulfillment.
Our goal is fulfillment when life is more meaningful.
No one can trust when fulfillment will become wonderful.

Do not think success is greedy or selfish, it is never.
When we realize true success and fulfillment, it is our best happiness ever.

Always listen to your heart, fulfillment and inner happiness.
And go ahead without any laziness.

Fulfillment is the feeling of being happy with your life.
Do not worry, life is long, so do not damage your life with a knife.

People always want one thing, which is fulfillment.
True gladness is our fulfillment, fulfillment
and always FULFILLMENT.

Ranjita Lama is a eighth-grade student at the Prajwal School in Hetauda, Nepal. Ranjita is a member of the KidSpirit Nepal Editorial Board. Ranjita enjoys drawing, singing, dancing, writing poems, and making crafts.

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