Feel No Sorrow

Oh momentary life!
And all its debts
Floating with the sorrow that you once called joy
But yes it was momentary
Lasted long yet still not resolute
Clasped the heart till
Its last pulse and doubt
Crying with pride
Closing the blinds
Yet nothing lasts forever
Told the angel picking the souls
The dead ones felt no sorrow
They overjoyed so!

Guiding for tears through the mist of joy
Forget me nots were covering the sight
Loom here the light
And sleep here the light
The night will pave here shadowing the right
Oh! Triumphant smile is fading away
Cuz here in the land of dead
One can feel no sorrow
Nor can they feel any joy

Malshi Nivarthana is a 15-year-old girl who lives in Sri Lanka and studies at a girls' school on the island. She enjoys writing, painting, and composing poems, and loves to enjoy literature. She wants be a world-famous author one day and also loves to watch anime.

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