I am a Corona Warrior

I am neither a doctor nor a nurse
Or among the police who intersperse

Not a worker for essential goods,
helping people and their livelihoods

But I will not be sorrier
’cause I am still a warrior

I stay at home and follow the rules
Do not play or go to school

Stay safe and stay indoors
Particularly coronavirus I abhor

‘cause I will not be sorrier
As I am still a warrior

Tell stories of corona survivors
They are mankind’s revivers

Mention the brave hearts too
Who gave them a lease on life new

‘Cause I will not be a sorrier
As I am still a warrior

Help people with money or food
Feed pets, birds, and broods

Provide sanitizer and face masks
Perform them as priority tasks

‘Cause I will not be sorrier
As I am still a warrior

No more suffering, no more death
Condemn myth and accept fact

Let’s join hands and take a pledge
Follow lockdown to the fullest

‘Cause I will not be sorrier
As I am still a warrior

You, me, or anyone
Powerful and together we will shun

And defeat corona: then humanity wins
Life will roll back and stop the spin

‘Cause no one should be sorrier
As everyone is a corona warrior

Karnav Rastogi is the youngest author and fiction writer of India. He published his first book, “Kartik & Mixie: A journey about Creation” at the age of eight and his second book, “Kartik & Mixie: A Journey about Jungle Adventure,” at the age of ten. He creates poems for every story he writes. His inspiration is nature and mother earth. He conducts a literature workshop series titled “Author in You: Magic with Words” for children of various age groups. So far he has conducted more than ten literature workshops in India. He also received the “Pride of Indian Education Award” in 2019. Besides writing, he plays chess and basketball. You can reach him at

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