I Am Dark

I am a bit darker than the rest
But I believe I am the best,

No one likes my skin color
Just because it's a bit duller,

People ask me to apply whitening creams
I am not fit in this world it seems,

Just to let me down people say I am Black
They say I am cack,

People love to alter your looks
You can get altered for getting in their good books,

My color is given by my Dad
So why shall I be sad,

People don’t accept me the way I am
I think this whole beauty thing is a sham,

They won’t understand the meaning of Pretty
Because they focus on things which are Petty,

Even the night is dark
And don’t expect me to get fair as quark,

I don’t care if I were as black as coal
As I have accepted myself from my heart and soul

Tanvi Jeph is a 13-year-old who loves to write and code. She has always been fascinated by the things neglected by most authors and capturing the small nuances that most don't see.

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