I Guess That's Just Me

I am from the pictures we get with the shiny gold medals
I am from the tilted books that are staked in my room
I am from the soft purrs my cats give out
I am from the smooth ice that cuts into depth
I am from the trips we take to the sunny paradise across the globe
I am from the crispy tan trees that climb high into the light
I am from the dirt that is sprinkled at the park
I am from “Education first” but “Try is not an answer”
I am from “Close your mouth, you look like a hillbilly”
I am from cake with the burning flames that shiver with blood color
I am from the cut lemongrass that I poor into my steaming tea
I am from a world where whatever you do, you can't go back
I am from believe that everything happens for a reason
“It is what it is”
I guess that's just me

Kassy Arney is a sixth-grade student at Seattle Girls’ School who enjoys learning and bonding with friends. Kassy is 12 years old and is from Seattle, Washington. She is proud to be a poet, ice skater, cat lover, and daughter. When she has time to herself, she enjoys sitting on the couch with her cat, her snack, and her computer.

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