Midnight Boy

As the midnight boy inside breaks the darkness of your eyes
Seeing the adventure you have waiting, trapped inside.
It beats on the cage you have built all around
But I want to be the person who tears your walls down
The mystery you have—you’re so clueless about
It’s destined to be sought after and waiting to come out.

You’re like a wild storm with so much rage
The clueless of your lightning and all of its rain
You try to compact all your thunder in a box
Sometimes my presence knows the code to your lock

Behind all your storms holds a midnight boy, a boy who can’t be found
I’ve searched high and low, above and under the ground
I crave your soul, your love, your heart
The kindness you’ve kept away, the kindness you had from the start
You’re soft from the touch and rough from the mind
Lost and wondering, clueless of time
I’ll never know what you might be, but time will tell
I crave to seek

The sounds of crashing waves get louder as I smell your beauty
It’s just the break of dawn as you come to me
Just a midnight boy lost at sea
Drowning in his thoughts and his memories
As you sit like a flower in the night
No one knowing your inner thoughts, how you’ve taken me on flight
Just surrounded by chaos and the patients you have kept
Causes me to know your feeling has left
I can’t feel you anymore, not a feeling in sight
You have lost your willingness to keep going, your will to fight

The mystery you have, midnight boy— I’m still so clueless about
Dear midnight boy, please come out.

Kayla Castillo is a 16 year old tenth grader from the small town of LaGrange, Georgia. Her hobbies consist of reading, writing, and helping anyone who needs it. She’s an amazing person who has been hidden in her own shadows for far too long.

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