My Friend, the Wind

Wind and I would play
Then one early May
It was a rainy day
I wanted to play
Missing the wind, I lay
Then I felt a breezeway
Then the room got gray
Trying to run away
All I could do was stay
Wind wants to play today
Then the clouds went away
And I felt a sunray
I ran outside to play
Wind and I played all day

Bella Marie Mariscal is a 12-year-old sixth-grade student at E.M Downer Elementary School in San Pablo, California. She is interested in horror stories, funny stories, and graphic novels/manga. She likes to write stories, too. Her hobbies are music, art, track, and soccer. She is a very creative person and always looks for the bright side. She plays the cello, and because of that she's starting to teach herself the piano. She also has a great sense of humor, and always makes her friends laugh. She is currently writing a book called When the Monsters Come Out to Play.

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