One Life

A life is just upon a time
We live as evil hunts us
Time, seconds continue
Never be down until you die

We want everything in life, what we
Truly want and deserve as a desire
But a child
Who is new to the world
Doesn’t know anything
But can still be very happy
If he or she climbs a stair

Just enjoy one life, there is infinity
We can be happy with a small thing too
Without hesitating to show a blessing smile
And be a pleasure, as heaven is

My inner self
wants happiness and satisfaction
In the last moment of my life
A big pain in the body and
As my body is warm
Brain cooled down
Eyes filled with tears
But in my mind
"Fantastic was that awesome life"

A bad fact is that time flies away
But a good fact is that you're a pilot
So, go for it and enjoy fresh air

Riwaj Shrestha is in the eighth grade at the Prajwal School in Hetauda, Nepal. Riwaj is a member of the KidSpirit Nepal Editorial Board, and hopes to be a football (soccer) player, artist, and singer.

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