Some people have more than the vivid colors of the rainbow
Some people have none
Some people have one
One that might not be seen, just like air
Distant, uncolored, and bashful
Afraid to show who they really are

Because we face discrimination
We all do,
In some sort of way
Have felt the fever of shame
When someone says to me
“Being Jewish must be really hard”
“Oh you’re Jewish . . . Must be tough”
I get scared when I hear Hitler's name on the street
That's just a parcel
I have friends, Jewish and not
who have faced larger damaging, destructive discrimination

We shouldn't sit around

We need to make a stand
We need to make a change in our lives
This death to our hearts will go on as long as we let it
The colorless fear, the deep shame
to shadow our kids, our grandkids, and theirs
Stand up
Nothing will change unless we change it
Stand up for the way you want the world to be
Think differently
Talk differently
And change the world

Meira Colton is a sixth grader at Seattle Girls School. She has lived in Seattle, Washington, for the past four years. She is a competitive dancer. Meira is currently preparing for her bat mitzvah in March 2020 and lives with her mom, dad, brother, and dog.

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