Sitting, Staring, Waiting

I drift awake
and glance
at my hungry pig,
craving more money.
She says,
“I need all your money to live.”
Her never blinking eyes
stare deep into my soul.

I turn over to escape
from the staring eyes
of Mrs. Pink Flower Pig.
Even though I can’t see her,
she’s watching me.
Sitting, staring, waiting,
wanting me to drop coins in her.
No, absolutely not.
I’m trying to sleep,
not hop out of bed
to give you money.

“Fine,” I say. I crawl
out of bed and find
a spare nickel. Plunk.
“Happy now?”
She is pleased with my contribution.
I crawl back to my bed
and try to get some sleep.

I treasure sleep.
I hate nights like this,
where I can’t get to sleep.
For once, I would like to dream
of pleasant things
and not be woken by the
greedy object placed in my room.

Kathryn Hirtz is a 13-year-old attending Saint Patrick Catholic school in Rolla, Missouri, as an eighth grader. She is a competitive swimmer and runner.

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