I was a young little girl
Just in first grade
In a small town in Virginia
She was my best friend
She was the thing that made me happy when I was sad
Who would sit in my lap when I threw a tantrum
But she had to go Sometime
She died at 12
When the time was right
A couple of months before the move across the country
She was old, but playful, she was the perfect match

We cried in the dark, using boxes of tissues
All for you, all 'cause we missed you
The tears were rushing down my face, sniffling every 10 seconds
Every time I see your picture I think about the good days
You passed so peacefully
We hoped you were just tired
But we knew that you were gone
Although gone, you are always in my heart
At the sight of any Vizsla I go and pet them
I will always be Vizsla crazy all because of you
I love you, and I will always love you

Meira Colton is a seventh grader at Seattle Girls School. She has lived in Seattle, Washington, for the past four years. She is a competitive dancer. Meira is currently preparing for her bat mitzvah in March 2020 and lives with her mom, dad, brother, and dog.

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