The Same, but Different

1. Dribble the same,
2. Score the same,
3. Celebrate the same,
4. Juke the same,
5. Yet treated differently,
6. They work hard,
7. We work hard,
8. They devote their lives to soccer,
9. So do we.
10. Yet by the odds of our gender
11. We’re treated differently.
12. Paid differently,
13. Celabrated differently,
14. Supported differently,
15. When will we be treated
16. Equally?
17. When we do something about it,
18. We’ll just have to wait
19. And see.

Lydia is a 6th grader from Seattle, Washington. She enjoys playing soccer and is on the youth club team, “Seattle United.” Her values are kindness, honesty, and having fun.

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