When your dad didn’t have the ​time​ to go to your school play
When your grandma was told her ​time​ was shortened and she only had six months to live
When you didn’t have the ​time​ to tell someone you loved them
When you couldn’t take the ​time​ to take a break and you overworked yourself
When you wish you could get ​time ​back
Time ​to say so many things
Time ​to stop many things from happening
Time ​to start over again
Time ​to repeat a specific moment
But to redo these things takes more ​time
And ​time ​won’t stop no matter how hard you try

Amaia Canaan is a 12-year-old in 7th grade at Harlem Academy. She enjoys finding new ways to consume less plastic in order to save the environment, so that future generations have a healthy and beautiful planet earth.

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