Too Quiet

Silence is too quiet.
It gives the spotlight to the thoughts inside my head,
Their chatter becoming louder,
And louder,
And louder
Until the silence is shattered,
Scattered in countless pieces on the floor.
Still the din rises,
Others sit, basking in the quiet
While I try not to collapse on the floor,
My breath catches,
The pressure rises,
Complete and fragmented simultaneously.
Others sit, basking in the worn soft tones of meaningless small talk
Walking the paths set
In a worn dirt road
And comfortable noise
But my head
My thoughts
The insufferable din
Beautifully quiet.

Mia Ginsberg is in the 10th grade at Yarmouth High in Yarmouth, Maine. She is very excited about being published for the third time! Mia is an avid reader who enjoys doing Taekwondo, annoying her brother, and playing guitar. She also loves to write stories and poems of any kind!

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