What Might Be Our Last

I march across the cement floor
out to the pool
with six of my rowdy friends.

I stand at the edge of the pool,
daring to jump into the icy water.

“ Hey, Jenna, wait!” Carrie shouts.
“ Yeah, Jenna, wait!” Maddie yells.

I smile,
waiting patiently as they race over to me.

They stand next
to me on the diving board.

I glance to the side
Carrie is grinning.
“It’s not a good idea guys,” Abby warns
giving us that mom look.

I smile back
and we jump. It is like I am in slow motion,
rising and then dropping.

A cold feeling hits me,
as I plunge into the water.

I break the surface of the water,
and we all look at each other and burst out laughing.
We are filled with the joy of what might be our last summer together.

Jenna Plank is a 13-year-old girl who lives in Rolla, Missouri. Jenna grew up on a farm in Salem, Missouri. Her family raised pigs and rabbits for four years. Jenna plays on a softball team and her position is pitcher and second baseman. She really loves playing volleyball in the fall.

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