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New to KidSpirit?

If you’re new to KidSpirit, we recommend writing for our Global Beat section. Global Beats are short (200- to 500-word) essays published weekly in the Explore section of the website that are not edited by the all-youth Editorial Board. Global Beats are a great opportunity to share your thoughts about a question that relates to the current theme.

Are you a more experienced writer?

If you’ve written longer pieces before, you may want to submit an idea for an article related to one of our upcoming themes. Full-length articles are read and revised 2-3 times by the all-youth editorial board in collaboration with each writer. This process is part of what makes KidSpirit unique and builds community with teens around the world. Before getting started, we ask that you submit a short description of your idea.

Here’s a short overview of the magazine departments we accept submissions for:


Feature articles should generally be about 1,000 words and relate directly to the theme. Keep in mind that most feature articles are expository or research oriented, rather than personal essays (personal reflections go in the Awesome Moments section).

Awesome Moments

Like you, each “Awesome Moment” is unique. Have you had an Awesome Moment in nature? Creating music or art? Helping others or playing sports? Feel free to write about anything, no matter how ordinary – or extraordinary – it may seem. Just be sure to relate it back to the theme. Pieces should be about 600 to 800 words.

Media Reviews

KidSpirit readers review books, movies, music, and other artistic works that have something to say about each theme. If you’ve read a book or seen a movie recently that spoke to you, send in your idea for a 500- to 800-word review that would include your opinion and analysis.

Interfaith Connections

Interfaith Connections is a 800- to 1,000-word column for teens of all backgrounds to share how their faith or wisdom tradition influences their view of life’s big questions.

Upcoming Themes

Our teen editors have selected the themes listed below for the next issues of KidSpirit. Please make sure your idea relates to one of them.

  • Love (Winter 2021)

What’s your idea?

In a few sentences, tell us which magazine department and issue you’re submitting to and what you’d like to write about.


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