Honesty Policy

KidSpirit thrives on a culture of integrity and open, honest inquiry. By submitting to KidSpirit, you agree that the submission is your original work. Using another writer’s or artist’s research, images, words, or ideas without crediting that individual is considered plagiarism and a serious violation of our honesty policy.

Whenever you borrow a fact or idea from another person, even if it is paraphrased, you must cite the source using a footnote. If you copy another author’s language without paraphrasing, you must put that language in quotation marks and attribute it properly. Please carefully review this guide to citing sources before you begin writing.

KidSpirit understands that exactly how and when to cite sources can be confusing, and staff members are always available to guide you through this part of the writing process. However, should you borrow ideas or language from any source without acknowledging that the submitted piece is not entirely your own, the piece will be pulled from our editorial calendar immediately, you will not be invited to submit to the magazine again, and we will inform your parent or guardian.

KidSpirit’s staff invites you to come to us with any and all questions you might have about what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it. We also encourage you to visit to learn more about this important issue.

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