Dr. King once said

I have a dream, that one day little black boys and little black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and little white girls as sisters and brothers.

But that’s him,

and this is me.

And we are two totally different people yet I still see myself in him so I consider us the same being.

The same being put on this world for the same reason.

Whether you are white, black, asian.

We ALL are made in God’s image.

And even though we are all made in God’s image, we all are yet…

So different.

While he is not like she or she is not like he or you not like me nor even us like we.

We, yes we.

The black the strong the beautiful.

Black is not just a color of skin,

But you see, black is a way of life,

And black is not just a culture,

But you see black is a mixture of many potions.

Even though some may be blind, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And not once have I looked over my shoulder,

To the past,

And look at what was…

But I look at what WILL be.

I look at Dr. King’s dreams slowly unfolding right before me.

Before I could not be here,

Standing, where I do now.

But I give much thanks to those who have paved the way for me,

And all that are in my same shoes.

Because if you really think about it,

I wouldn’t be able to have shared all that I have with you.

You… You, you, and YOU.

You ALL are my brothers and my sisters.

Same how she is yours and you are hers, or vice versa.

I love you just as much as the next,

Not ONCE have I noticed your skin.

To some they see the world in color while others see black and white.

But I,

I see neither.

I see friend among friend among friend.

Because despite our skin,

You are like me in many ways.

But sad to say, there are some who don’t see life this way.

But I say,

Let freedom RING!

Let freedom RING amongst all races.

Let freedom RING amongst the rich and the poor.

Let freedom RING amongst friend and foe .

Oh please let freedom ring!

Cause just like Dr. King I too have a dream.

But my dream is not to benefit me.

But benefit us, us as a we.

Because after what I have learned,

To make change, I don’t need a million and one friends,

To make change, I don’t need all the money in the world,

To make change, I don’t need to be a conformist and bend what I believe in order to please.

All I need to make change…

And I truly mean it when I say this.

All I need to make a change…

All I need to make change… is Me.

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My name is Dakota Williams and I am a junior at Viewpoint School in Calabasas, California. I enjoy writing poetry and lyrics and love playing football. In my spare time I like to hang out with my friends and family.